Coffee Geeks from Norway


Norwegian illustrators Lars Huse and Harald Johnsen Vøyle say they love the smell of coffee in the morning, not to mention the taste of freshly brewed coffee. Together they have created what has been described as ‘the first quasi-encyclopedia of third-wave coffee’.

The book soon became a contemporary classic, an art-book and conversational guide about coffee, specialty coffee and coffee culture. The quirky illustrated book guides you to that geeky coffee conversation that you always wanted to partake in.
The book was awarded with a diploma in Open Category in the competition Årets Vakreste Bøker 2013,  (This Year’s Most Beautiful Books 2013″ by Grafill, the Norwegian organization for visual communication. The jury described it ‘a small and personal book about coffee with a nice simplicity and a striking idea. Very thin paper with elaborate illustrations, peculiar with its simple format and expression. Tuned down, and almost works as an anti-coffee table book.”

The book is Risograph-printed in London by Ditto Press on 100% recycled paper and bound with copper staples.

The authors love all the passion of people who try to make good coffee without just pushing a button of a fully automatic coffee machine, and both are people who try to express themselves creatively.

Huse says that “the book is Aesthetically quite simple, classic contemporary, with subtlety in line and production”

If you want to improve your coffee skills, learn something about the little brown beans or just want to have a look at lovely illustrations I recommend you to get your own copy of this book.

Lars K. Huse (photo on top) is a young illustrator, artist and coffee-supergeek from Oslo, Norway, currently based in London. Part of the Cupofill collective, Lars does many a thing, always with a focus on the conceptual. Some of these things are: Live-illustration performances, murals, exhibitions, t-shirts and other products in addition to work for clients. Lars is all about taste.

Coffee Geeks from Norway, written by Admin.

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