Come out and play!


Rural tourism is starting to catch on in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Tourists vacationing in the Scandinavian countries will increasingly away from everyday stress. That is good news for rural tourism in the region. 


Small-scale tourism is the new big in Scandinavia. Jämtland Herjedalen in Sweden is the region with the highest density in terms of small-scale producers of rural tourism and honored craft.

People will simply return to the roots, and are willing to seek it out and not least pay for the experience.

201113_Morten_Wikner– Interest in our region is noticeably larger, especially among food writers and journalists, who allows us to showcase our mathåndverk (food craft) . Everything from hardcore “foodies” to foodies tourists find their way to our region, says Mårten Wikner, project manager for Gastronomy Jämtland Härjedalen.

World-class cross-country ski tracks
A warm layer of undergarments, a pair of trousers – not too wide and not too tight – a jacket generous enough to permit full action, helmet or beanie on the head and a pair of gloves, or even better, mittens. On your feet ski boots and underneath them, a pair of skis, appropriate for the day’s activities. In the rucksack, a thermos filled with hot drink, sandwiches of local character, a bar of chocolate and most importantly, an orange. You are ready for a day in the snow!


Hjämtland Härjedalen has facilities for cross-country skiing of the utmost standard.  Funäsfjällen has the largest ski track system in the world with 180 miles of sheer delight. The tracks are prepared on a daily basis and the next waffles’ café is rarely far away.

Östersund has 55 miles of connected tracks within walking distance from the city centre.

Ski touring
Should you prefer gliding along with somewhat wider skis in fabulous open landscapes with the fresh mountain air on your cheeks, we recommend the marked trails in, for example, Lofsdalen, Årefjällen, Funäsfjellen or Vemdalen.

Summit tours and sun drifts
March and April are wonderful months for everyone keen on skiing while enjoying the sun. Above the three border the plateaus invite gliding and the snowdrift invite digging sunning holes. Go uphill with skins or snowshoes before setting off downhill in great sweeping turns down the sundrenched sorbet-like snow.

More and more small-scale Norwegian operators are investing in rural tourism. The organization Seterlandet, brought together farm tourism in the North Eastern Valleys, and the Røros region is among many which sees a growing trend among Norwegians who seek the genuine. The big attractions is the journey back to the origin to see how brunost (brown goat cheese) is made, how goats are milked, and experience the general life of the mountain farming life.


– Sure it’s nostalgia , but at the same time it’s a desire to preserve a culture that takes care of the best in us, as one of the players, Oddveig Østgård Gjelten at Brattåsrovollen above Dalsbygda describes it .

The geographical locations are also contributing to create something unique. The element of the Gulf Stream with warm, westerly winds and unique growth conditions is equally important.

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