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Tor Kjølberg, Ph.D., Editor in Chief

Tor is educated from colleges and universities in Norway and Great Britain. He has worked almost all his adult life as a marketing consultant and travel writer. He has written the book “Sell more!” (Cappelen Damm, 2004).

Dr.-art Helgard Mahrdt

Dr.-art Helgard Mahrdt, contributing editor on arts as well as political and human sciences.
German-born Helgard Mahrdt is a writer, philosopher and lecturer who lives and works in Oslo. Her wide-ranging interest concern literature, culture and politics, particularly Hannah Arendt’s works and political thinking. Currently she is writing a book on the American German-Jewish thinker Hannah Arendt.
For Daily Scandinavian she will write about fine arts, society and cultural politics.

Lars Andersen

Lars was born in the USA to Norwegian immigrant parents from Oslo and Bergen. After various assignments in the United States Navy and a business career in industrial sales, he founded Victory Film Productions Inc., which produces high-quality World War II aviation films and provides documentary consulting services and archive film to networks such as Spiegel TV, National Geographic, Dreamworks, History Channel and many others. Lars was portrayed by Tor Kjolberg in the Norwegian weekly Vi Menn in 2011. Lars is married to Elsa Hammer of Berlevag, north Norway, and resides in Southampton, New York and Oslo, Norway.