Copenhagen Gourmet

Copenhagen gourmet

 You will find some of the world’s best restaurants in Copenhagen. The Danish capital has become the new San Sebastian.

In the 90s there were chefs like Alain Ducasse and Joël Rebouchon, the 00s had Ferran Adriàs and Heston Blumenthals. Today the great chefs are to be found in Copenhagen.

Restaurant Noma
Opened November 2003 by food entrepreneur Claus Meyer, entrepreneur Kristian Byrge and chefs René Redzepl and Mads Refslund. Has been awarded the Wordl’s Best Restaurant by the acclaimed Restaurant Magazine, and in S. Pellegrino’s World’s 50 Best restaurants.

Noma is now closed, and it is uncertain when the new Noma will reopen

Normally there was a three months waiting list. Now you must probably wait longer since its current location at Strandfade 93 has closed permanently. There is uncertainty about when the new Noma will open doors, but to be one of the first to know, sign up for their newsletter.

Copenhagen Gourmet
Kødbyens fiskebar

Kødbyens fiskebar
This is one of Noma’s first offshoots in the middle of Copenhagen. The fish and shellfish is excellent, and there’s a relaxed atmosphere.

Copenhagen Gourmet
Restaurant Radio. Phito: Anders Schonnemann

Established by one of the Noma founders, Claus Meyer, this restaurant has sometimes been called a kind of “Cheap Noma” or “Noma Light”. This is rather misleading since they work with unique, ancient grains and legumes from organic fields, fresh fruits and high quality fish and meat from local fishermen and farmers. However, it’s affordable.

Copenhagen Gourmet
Restaurant Geranium

With a view all the way to Sweden this two Michelin star restaurant offers a vegetarian meal, a full dinner and lunch menus and might be called a challenger to Noma. Rasmus Kofoed is the only chef in the world who won bronze, silver and gold at the unofficial world competition in cooking, the Bocuse d’Or. The restaurant is focusing on Nordic ingredients.

Copenhagen Gourmet
Restaurant Relæ

This is an unceremonious and low-priced restaurant, considering it’s a Michelin-starred restaurant. Sicilian chef Christian F. Puglisi has been responsible for Noma as well. Simple food and lots of vegetables. The restaurant has been awarded twice with the Sustainable Restaurant Award.

Copenhagen Gourmet
Restaurant Mielcke & Hurtigkarl

Mielcke & Hurtigkarl
The restaurant is set in one of Copenhagen’s most beautiful royal gardens. Yuzu enthusiast Jakob Mielcke serves local food inspired by the Japanese kitchen. This is perhaps one of the most interesting and complex eateries in Copenhagen just now. The menu is a dynamic gastronomic experience of five or seven dishes.

Copenhagen Gourmet
Restaurant Geist

Celebrity chef Bo Bech makes food with pure ingredients and pure enthusiasm. He serves comfort food rather than complicated heavy menus. If you’re in the middle of Copenhagen, Geist at Kongens Nytorv is worth a visit.

Copenhagen Gourmet
Restaurant Formel B

Formel B
The restaurant was opened by Kristian Arpe-Møller and Rune Amhild Jochumsen in 2003. The a la carte menu focuses mainly on seafood, with a few exquisite meat dishes. The wine carte is large with one of the best selections of Burgundy wines.

Copenhagen Gourmet
Restaurant Klin Klin

Klin Klin
This is the only Thai restaurant in Europe with a Michelin star. Owner Henrik Yde Andersen, also a skilled sommelier, focuses on traditional Siam-cuisine approach with vegetables and sea food. The wine carte is mostly based on white wines from Germany, Austria and France.

Copenhagen Gourmet
Restaurant Søllerød kro

Søllerød kro
This is one of the older fine-dining restaurants in Copenhagen and one of the top notch venues in Denmark. Søllerød kro dates back to 1677 and the surroundings consist of an old pond, a small castle, a little village church and idyllic neighbors. A large wine carte accompanies the uncompromisingly high French standards.

Copenhagen Gourmet
Restaurant Kokkeriet

Restaurant Kokkeriet empazizes on strictly Danish food with the very oldest traditions. The sommelier seems to have gone to a lot of effort to match the small wine carte with the menu. The restaurant is small, but stylish and cozy, and rest azure, the food has a delicate and fresh taste.

Copenhagen Gourmet
Restaurant Kadeau

Restaurant Kadeau, opened in 2007, is one of the ambassadors of the Nordic kitchen. They are proud to say that their food mainly comes from the gastronomic treasure island Bornholm, where they also have a restaurant. “We grow, harvest, serve and love Bornholm.” Say Rasmus, Magnus and Nicolai.

Copenhagen Gourmet
Restaurant Den Røde Cottage

Den røde cottage
The restaurant is being placed between Dyrehaven and the sea a small train ride from Copenhagen. Den røde cottage, meaning the Red Cottage, is probably one of the most idyllic in Copenhagen. The menu is French inspired and the wine list balances the food in a perfect manner.

Copenhagen Gourmet
Restaurant Marchal

is the restaurant in the luxurious Hotel d’Angleterre at Kongens Nytorv. French Marchal was the chef at Hotel d’Angleterre in 1755, and the a la carte menu is still French inspired. If you’re afraid of high prices, Marchal is in fact one of the more affordable restaurants in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Gourmet
Restaurant Era Ora

Era Ora
Copenhagen’s Italian restaurant with a Michelin star, opened in 1983, is famous for high quality food and good service. Era Ora is honoured wuth the Leccio d’Oro-prize for world class Brunello’s. “At Era Ora we paur food to wine, not vice versa,” says Elvio Milleri. “We have since 1893 done our utmost to spread awareness of Italy’s unique food culture in Scandinavia.”

Compiled by Tor Kjolberg

Feature image (on top): From Era Ora. Photo: Visit Denmark/Katrin Bjork

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