Copenhagen is Growing

Copenhagen is growing

A new island near Copenhagen’s harbor is projected for 2070. Fully established it will be housing 35,000 people. No doubt, Copenhagen is growing.

Thy project aims to create additional space for the city’s rapidly growing population. At a press briefing last week, Denmark’s prime minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen said that it will also protect the city from rising sea levels.

Copenhagen is Growing
Dketch of Lynetteholm, Copenhagen

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Copenhagen is growing
Copenhagen’s Lord Mayer Frank Jensen (Twitter)

Copenhagen is growing
“The capital is in rapid development, being built as never before. That’s good but it also means that Copenhagen will run out of plots eventually, and that’s why we want to build a new island,” Rasmussen added.

The liberal prime minister was joined at the briefing by Copenhagen’s Lord Mayor Frank Jensen, a social democrat, indicating support for the project from the main opposition party in the national parliament.

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The new island is called Lynetteholm
The project, tentatively called Lynetteholm, demands investment of around 20 billion Danish crowns ($3.1 billion) including a harbor tunnel and a metro line, but will be self-financing over time, the prime minister said.

Denmark is growing
Denmark’s prime minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen said that Lynetteholm will also protect the city from rising sea levels

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The project would be a subsidiary of the CPH City & Port Development, a company jointly owned by the City of Copenhagen and the Danish State.

Copenhagen is Growing, is based on a press release from Reuters