Copenhagen For Sushi Lovers


New sushi restaurants open in a steady stream, and the healthy and artfully fished fish has become one of Copenhagen’s favorite take-aways. Here we guide you to some of our Copenhagen favorites.

Sticks’n’Sushi and Letz Sushi are the big players when it comes to delicious fish delicacies. Combined the two chains have over 30 restaurants.

Copenhagen For Sushi Lovers
Damindra sushi restaurant, Copenhagen

But there are also smaller places where fish plays a dominant role.
On the corner of Holbergsgade and Herluf Trollesgade, you find one of our favorite Japanese sushi restaurants. The elegant Damindra at Gammelholm maintains the original Japanese sushi tradition.

In addition to mastering the traditional sushi, Damindra also gives you the opportunity to explore the Japanese cuisine in different ways. The pieces are served relatively large and full of flavor and taste.
Here you can get around in Japanese cuisine, but they still master the traditional sushi. At Damindra the pieces are served relatively large and full of flavor and taste.

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Copenhagen For Sushi Lovers
Hatoba sushi restaurant, Copenhagen

Hatoba means pier in Japanese, an appropriate name since the restaurant is located on Islands Brygge (Island’s Pier), opposite the skatepark.

The interior design is futuristic with black, white and grass green as dominant colors. In summer the facades can be opened, enabling you to eat sushi and enjoy the evening sun. You can either order sushi or try one of Hatoba’s tasting menus, which also includes different sticks and rice paper rolls.

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Copenhagen For Sushi Lovers
Izumi sushi restaurants has three branches in Copenhagen

Izumi Vesterbrogade
Izumi is actually a small chain with three restaurants – one in Charlottenlund, onne on Østerbro and one in Vesterbro.

Izumi was in fact the first restaurant to introduce the concept ad libitum in Denmark. Usually ad libitum is considered quantity before quality, but not at Izumi.  Skilled chefs have a professional attitude to both tastes and raw materials.

In addition to sushi, the ad libitum concept covers a wide range of crisp, well-tasting snacks (Japanese tapas) which make you wonder how they can offer it for only 198 kroner per person.

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Copenhagen For Sushi Lovers
Sushi Lovers restaurant, Torvhallerne in Copenhagen

Sushi Lovers
The restaurant offers visually inviting and tasteful fish bites in Torvehallernes Hall 1. The restaurant is built around an open kitchen on one side and high tables in the other. There are bar stools along the bar, from which you can carefully follow the cooks’ creations.

The sushi style here is inspired by modern Danish cuisine and the western United States. Sushi Lovers uses modern cooking techniques and seasons the food with homemade sauces, creams and mayonnaises and other flavors.

Copenhagen For Sushi Lovers
Watami sushi restraurant, Copenhagen

The sushi-darling at Gentofte serves Japanese food of high quality. All sauces and dressings are homemade, seasoned with different types of dashi, kombu and miso to obtain the optimal soft balance.

The menu is extensive, the dishes are well balanced and crispy and the price tag allows you to visit Watami several rimes a week.

The interior is well thought out. The handmade soya candles from the Academy of Fine Arts testifies that quality applies to both the food and the surroundings.

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