Cozy Apartment Design in Gothenburg


Today we invite you into a small apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden, to show you how the Swedes maximize space and make you feel welcome.

The apartment is located in a charming turn of the century building in the popular Vasastan district of Gothenburg.

In spite of rather small space, the rooms are well organized with a strong appeal and comfortable amenities, showcasing Scandinavian interior design at its best. The apartment perfectly meets the living needs of a couple or a small family.

The apartment has a large balcony to the east.

The renovated kitchen has a modern design and is gorgeous.

There is a generously-sized living room. Scandinavians know how color choices in the rooms impact on your mood, energy level and appetite. Some colors can make you feel calm and bring down your blood pressure, while others can make you feel excited and raise it.

Two large windows flood the entire home in light.

A cozy bedroom is separated from the social area through traditional double doors, so guests can have a peak at the next room, without it having to be too tidy.

In general, the color white had been chosen for this lovely apartment since it highlights its modern elements, and gives the feeling of a bright and airy space.


All images: Alvhem

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