Cycling Vacation in Lofoten Islands


A cycling vacation along the Vestfjord route in Northern Norway is a most memorable experience – new, breathtaking sights appear around every bend.

Combining ferry trips with cycling, this route serves up almost everything Norway gas to offer. White sandy beaches butt up against soaring mountain scenery. Archeological relics and historical buildings satisfy those who seek more cultural pursuits, whilst for the more active there is ample opportunities to swim, hike or fish.

Cycling Vacation in Lofoten Islands
The Lofoten islands bike roite

Idyllic little villages of brightly painted wooden houses line the route as you travel from island to island. It is easy to see why locals describe this area as the real Norway and the archipelago features prominently Nordic art, film and literature.

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Cycling Vacation in Lofoten Islands
To cover the full 450 km (281 mi) would be to undertake a journey of epic proportions

To cover the full 450 km (281 mi) would be to undertake a journey of epic proportions; however good transport links make it possible to get to almost any part of the trail quickly.

Cycling Vacation in Lofoten Islands
From Steigen, Lofoten

Old market centers such as Løvøy and Grøtøy have been faithfully restored, whilst Steigen is a real hidden gem, teeming with innumerable historic relics. Those who seek more adventure should explore the cave system at Nordskot, whilst those looking for a more sedate outdoor experience can soak up the sun on the wonderful white sandy beaches near Misten.

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Cycling Vacation in Lofoten Islands
Car ferry from Bodø to Vestfjord, Lofoten

The Vestfjord rally does have something for everyone. All you need is a bicycle, good waterproofs, a ferry timetable and a spirit of exploration, and a new adventure awaits you around every corner.

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May to September provides the best weather. You will need two weeks for the whole route. Forward planning is required to make the most of this trip. Although the ferries are reliable, the faster services take you to the most crowded sections. If you wish to leave the beaten track it may require taking two or more of the less frequent services.

Feature image (on top): Reine, Lofoten islands

Cycling Vacation in Lofoten Islands, written by Tor Kjolberg