Danish Furniture Made for Hygge

Danish Furniture Made for Hygge

The Danish concept of hygge is expressed by Copenhagen-based interior design company Normann. The Hyg-collection is suitable for offices and hotels as well as homes. Danish furniture made for hygge is Normann Copenhagen’s contribution to an internationally celebrated word.

No other word in the Danish language has become as internationally celebrated as hygge —a word so difficult to define, and yet so simple in practice. Hygge is all about feeling good: security, warmth and comfort all form part of its DNA, and it is precisely these qualities that provide the frame for Simon Legald’s Hyg lounge series.

Danish Furniture Made for Hygge
Ther Hyg loungse series. Hygge is all about feeling good

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The series consists of a sofa, armchairs and footstool and is like a warm and heartfelt embrace of shape, where soft lines and encircling contours create a cozy and pleasant space.

Danish Furniture Made for Hygge
The Hyg range is an interpretation of hygge,” explains designer Simon Legald

Danish Furniture Made for Hygge
“The Hyg range is an interpretation of hygge, but in its own way, it is also a product of hygge. As an integral part of Danish culture, hygge emerges in the trustworthy and informal atmosphere that permeates our working culture. It also comes through in our way of thinking about design, which is built around honesty in the design concept and a love of social and domestic life. These are the preconditions under which Hyg has been created” explains designer Simon Legald.

Danish Furniture Made for Hygge
High swivel Hyg lounge chair

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Inviting concave shapes
Its voluminous form is offset by a narrow contour, which hones and refines its expression. The high sides lightly shield off the room, while a broad seat makes it possible to assume a wide range of relaxed seating postures.

Danish Furniture Made for HyggeWith its inviting, concave shape the Hyg series is useful for creating a personal space in hotels or offices, or as everyday luxury in the home.

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Danish Furniture Made for Hygge
Hyg lounge chairs, by Normann, Copenhagen

Normann Copenhagen has chosen to collaborate with British Camira Fabrics and Danish Sørensen Leather for their wide spectrum of colors and possibilities in upholstery, as well as for their view on sustainability.

Danish Furniture Made for Hygge, text and photos by Normann Copenhagen