How Danish are you?


We’ve all heard about how happy the Danes are, and the many great things about living in Denmark such as a healthy approach to work/life balance. While you can’t generalise about all 5.5 million people in this small Scandinavian country, there is an undeniable Danish mentality which has put Denmark on the map. Take this short and fun quiz to see how you rank in comparison to the world’s happiest people!


Let’s find out – How Danish are you?

1. Do you enjoy a cold Carlsberg on a summer day?

2. Do you see the snow on the ground and still think it’s a good idea to bike to work?

3. Are you able to navigate the snowy streets on your bike with the greatest of ease?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might have the spirit of a true Dane — but how Danish are you really?

Take this short and fun quiz with our friends at PineTribe to see how you rank in comparison to the world’s happiest people!

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