Denmark – A Paradise for Surfers

Denmark – A Paradise for Surfers

Denmark is still an unknown territory for many surfers. There are, however, many surfing spots in Denmark of international interest. In fact, Denmark is a paradise for surfers.

Due to Denmark’s geographical position in Northern Europe, it is predominantly exposed to the swells of the North Sea. Its most consistent surfing areas is the west coast. In this article, we have located where to find the best waves in Denmark.

Denmark – A Paradise for Surfers
90% of all the best surf spots are located at the area of Thy on the northwest coast of Jylland. Photo: CPH SUP Tours/Visit Nordsjaelland

Surfing in Denmark began around 1980 when windsurfers visiting the west coast realized that there were often waves but no wind during the summer. 90% of all the best surf spots are located at the area of Thy on the northwest coast of Jylland. You can arrive there by boat/or car from Oslo in Norway, Gothenburg in Sweden, or the capital, Copenhagen. The most common way of getting there is by bringing your car on the ferry to Hirtshals from either Oslo or Gothenburg and drive down 1,5 hours and you’re straight in the surfing-zone.

All good surfers know that you don’t share your secret spots. As a non-surfer I can share the secrets with you – for those brave enough to surf in Denmark’s cold water. Denmark is the best of the three Scandinavian nations for riding a wave on a surfboard.

Most swells occur from September to April, with the prime autumn months of September to November bringing the best waves to the west coast.

When making my little surf guide, my aim was to give you a better understanding of where to go, which spots work in the different conditions and how to get there. International Surfing Federation of Denmark is a great place to get more information.

Denmark – A Paradise for Surfers

1. Inside Reef, Klitmøller

This sandy beach in Klitmøller is located next to the North Sea approx. 10 km south of Hanstholm. The beach is connected to Klitmøller town and stretches from Splittergab in the north to Ørhage in the south. There are buildings a few meters from the beach. The beach is suitable for fishing and surfing. Toilet at the car park at Splittergab and the car park at Ørhage.

Norway is also an exotic surfing paradise. Learn more by clicking the image below:

Denmark – A Paradise for Surfers
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2. Bunkers, Klitmøller

This is the place to be for a good right wave which gives super performance when it’s on! And also, the surroundings here are just stunning, even if the waves aren’t right.

Klintmøller’s nickname is “Cold Hawaii”.  I need say no more.

3. Agger

This area’s home to the yearly “Heavy Agger” – a heavy metal music festival. Besides the music, the surf setup can provide some of the heaviest waves around. Main spot Agger is a long stretch of sandy beaches with lefts and rights, which start working from hip high and all the way up to triple overhead. Suited for all levels of surfing, depending on the size of the swell.

Denmark – A Paradise for Surfers – article continues below the image.

If you want extreme surfing – look to Norway. Learn more by clicking the image below:

Denmark – A Paradise for Surfers
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There are several of piers that creates breaks along the beach line, so this is a great place to explore when the conditions are right. Mentionable is also the spot called Agger Channel. A right-hand sand point, that works from shoulder high to double overhead. This spot is for only intermediate surfers and above, and when everything is out of control, this place can be the perfect choice.

4. Big Pier, Nørre, Vorupør

Big Pier is a fun place to surf when there’s a big swell and lots of wind, because the pier protects you from the heavy wind. It’s a short drive down the coast from Klitmøller. The area also holds two additional spots: Small Pier and South Side. Both piers are lefthanders (Small Pier can provide rights), primarily suited for longboarders. And the South Side works in bigger swells and is a great spot for advanced/expert surfers with shortboards.

Denmark – A Paradise for Surfers – article continues below image.

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Denmark – A Paradise for Surfers
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5. Hvide Sande

The spot is on the south side of the Harbor entrance. Close to the pier the banks are formed pretty consistent and sheltered from northerly winds. On any onshore direction you get a bit of wave size here. The best waves are with north-westerlies as the pier provides shelter from the wind or if you are lucky, you might get an offshore or windless day after a storm. Hvide Sande is a relaxed Danish town with great smoked fish and a couple of bars and restaurants. The whole region gets pretty busy in summer and there’s usually someone in the water with you.

6. Fiskemelet, Hanstholm

This is one wave you need to try when you’re in Denmark. Hanstholm is a 15-minute drive from Klitmøller, and whatever the weather, you’ll find beautiful long waves here.

7. The Kattegat

The Kattegat is the closest place to surf from Copenhagen. It works mainly in autumn northerlies, but wet summers can also bring many messy W wind days. Spring is often a good time for strong E winds in the Baltic after the ice melts.

It’s often during spring when strong E winds blow for at least eight hours, and the Baltic Sea can be surfed around Stevns Klint and in front of the harbor wall at Rødvig.

Klitmøller is the epicenter of surfing in Denmark, but as you can see, far from the only place for avid surfers visiting Denmark.

Denmark – A Paradise for Surfers, compiled by Tor Kjolberg

Feature image (on top): Klitmøller © Mads Tolstrup/Visit Denmark


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