Discover the Beauty of Scandinavia with These Unique Tours

Discover the Beauty of Scandinavia with These Unique Tours

While the name does sound like its own country, Scandinavia is not an actual place, but rather a subregion of Northern Europe, with strong historical, cultural and linguistic ties between its constituent peoples, namely those of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.[1] These five European countries form a group that has affinities with one another, and the region is sometimes also referred to as the Scandinavian Peninsula. Read on and discover the beauty of Scandinavia with these unique tours.

Regardless of which of these incredible places you’re looking to visit, it’s never a bad idea to read up on its history and know a little bit about the culture as well as the currencies used there. Today’s article will focus on the unique life and way of living in Iceland, defined by its dramatic landscape covered by volcanoes, geysers, hot springs and lava fields. A once-in-a-lifetime experience and a bucket-list item for sure.

Stay Bundled Up

For the fact that Iceland, and Reykjavik in particular, is so cold, the people of Iceland sure do love to be outdoors. Perhaps they’ve gotten used to the weather or maybe the sights are that spectacular, well worth being dressed head to toe in insulating gear. Whatever the case may be, a Scandinavian tour & activities offered here are what dreams are made of. Picture the contrast of black sandy beaches against crystal-clear waters and floating icebergs that decorate the landscape while you enjoy a trip to the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon. This is a spectacular area that includes Diamond Beach located near the Glacier Lagoon, receiving its name thanks to the floating icebergs that look like giant diamonds. The next stop is Stjórnarfoss Waterfall located near the town of Kirkjubaejarklaustur, featuring two waterfalls of about 15 meters that spring from the mossy cliffs. A breathtaking sight.

Discover the Beauty of Scandinavia with These Unique Tours
Enjoy a trip to the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon. Photo: Visit South Iceland

What’s also paramount to note about Iceland is the safety it offers everyone, but especially female solo travelers. Iceland is among the cleanest, greenest and safest countries in the world, giving solo travelers the ideal space to explore, either on their own or by taking advantage of one of the many interesting tours on offer. Feel free to join a Humpback and Minke whale watching tour to Faxaflói Bay from Reykjavík, or partake in a 1-day Golden Circle tour from Reykjavik, where a local guide will accompany you to the stunning Gullfoss Waterfall, the incredible Geysir and the UNESCO World Heritage Site Thingvellir National Park. Iceland, and Scandinavia as a whole, has places and things to see that only nature can provide, no man-made structure will ever be as breathtaking as the natural beauty of this northern part of the world.

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The Great Outdoors

Due to its position, Iceland is not as populated as other European countries, and the tourism, albeit busy, has not caught up to places like Italy and France. However, what Scandinavia has to offer may be just what outdoor-lovers need. It’s a very different feeling to get dressed up and go into town to eat a pizza in a sun dress in July, than it is to wear thermal gear and explore the almost unbelievable scenery of Iceland. Not one or the other is better or worse, it’s just a whole different experience.

Discover the Beauty of Scandinavia with These Unique Tours
A Meradalir Volcano Day Trip may give you a new perspective and some insight. Photo: Iceland the Beautiful

Nature, including simple things like going for a walk, is known to heal the souls of people, almost like pressing a reboot or restart button on one’s life. And that is amplified if the place you have chosen to hike on has a history dating back hundreds and hundreds of years. The history that you are literally walking over during a Meradalir Volcano Day Trip may give you a new perspective and some insight. Put your phone away, breathe in the fresh, crisp air and let your imagination and passion run wild in the great outdoors that is Iceland.

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Never Forget the Northern Lights

You don’t have to be an avid traveler to know about the Northern Lights, simply open a book or magazine and you’ll find something incredible written about them, like several articles in Daily Scandinavian. The Northern Lights most commonly occur within the geographic area beneath the auroral oval, and Iceland is not the only country lucky enough to witness this spectacle; other countries include northern parts of Sweden, Finland, Norway, Russia, Canada and Alaska as well as southern Greenland. However, Reykjavík—because of its northern location—is said to be the ideal place to see the Northern Lights. If visitors are temporally gifted and fly to Iceland at the right time, they can be treated to the Reykjavik Northern Lights Bus Tour offered by local tour guides very familiar with the area, especially the countryside that the bus will be taking you to.

Discover the Beauty of Scandinavia with These Unique Tours
The Reykjavik Northern Lights Bus Tours are offered by local tour guides very familiar with the area.

Unlike other countries, it’s quite a challenge to explain Iceland to people who have not visited yet, simply because of its unqiue features and characteristics. Scandinavian countries are known for their fantastic public transport, good food and exceptional level of hospitality and safety, with Iceland, Sweden and Denmark being at the top of the safety-conscious list. However, the natural beauty of these Northern countries is on par with the safety, something that can’t be said for many other places. For anyone who enjoys being outside, connecting with flora and fauna, and likes to leave the digital world behind them, visiting Scandinavia may just change your life. As the saying goes: Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

Discover the Beauty of Scandinavia with these Unique Tours, written for Daily Scandinavian by John Cunningham. John is an enthusiastic content creator renowned for skillfully crafting compelling and enlightening articles. Possessing a journalism background and a profound fascination with technology, travel and lifestyle subjects, John infuses each of his creations with a unique outlook. His captivating narrative style and thorough investigative approach aim to not merely educate but also ignite inspiration within his audience. Beyond his writing endeavors, he can be discovered venturing into unexplored destinations, delving into photography experimentation or immersing himself in the pages of a captivating book.

[1] Scandinavia consists of three countries, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. This fact is often confusing, even for natives, since the Nordic region also includes Finland and Iceland. (Editor’s note).

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