Dog Sled Vacations in Sweden


WARNING: Must Love Dogs…
Doggie drool. It’s slimy, smelly and disgusting! But if you LOVE dogs (or men for that matter)…well… you learn to live with it.

And if you really love dogs, you’ve GOT to check out…  … dog sled vacations!

Dog sled vacations in Sweden? No experience or gear is required and all ages are welcome, and you may choose among several operators:

And best of all…

After learning voice commands, break, balance and the pedal kick, the only thing you can hear is the panting of the dogs and the sound of soft paws making their way through the pristine snow. Usually you share a team of 5-6 dogs with another participant and take turns driving and sitting on the sled through the Northern Swedish wilderness – with the assistance of an expert guide, of course.


The sun is low in the sky and the shadows of the trees spread over the snow-covered swamp like silver streams.

Different packages are available from one-day excursions to all-inclusive multiday explorations into the wilderness.

Written and compiled by Tor Kjolberg