DølaJazz – Highlights


This jazz festival in Lillehammer is a great place to discover talented Scandinavian musicians.

A small, laid back music festival, which for over 30 years has been attracting local jazz musicians and fans with its small, intimate format. The festival is also a platform for young Scandinavian artists to perform in front of a wider audience. There are concerts throughout the day, with several free events and various venues.

The stage is set for great jazz this year’s Super Natta (Super Night) in Dølajazz, when the legendary and world famous band Mezzforte enters the stage. In addition, the band Pixel including Ellen Andra Wang will perform.  Kulturhuset Banken Saturday 18 October!

Many terms are used to characterize the Icelandic band Mezzoforte; volcanic jazz rock. Nordic funk and even the term fusion. Mezzoforte blends elements of funk, jazz and rock with sounds taken from the saga island’s musical heritage. A recipe that has made them sought after by record buyers and festival organizers around the world.

Many may claim that a band which celebrated its 35th year anniversary in 2012, is outdated. Not Mezzoforte. Unlike other concepts where most of the original members are gone, while some try to squeeze the money through touring under the rights of an acquired name, Mezzoforte still consists of the core staff that started in 1977 and created the world hit “Garden Party” in 1983.

Their success was a complete surprise at the time. When the song Garden Party went round the world, the four boys from Iceland had just come of age. Since then, Mezzoforte has been considered Europe’s most important fusion band. The new ISLANDS album documents the band’s process of maturing musically and adds another gem to its discography.

“Anyone who has a chance to experience this band with its furious instrumentalists in a live show will know what artistic fire is in this formation”.(BHM productions)

Do you not get the chance to confirm this at this year Dølajazz, – you miss etgourmetisk fusion meal, with guaranteed long and rich aftertaste.

The young band Pixel offers a fusion of jazz and rock. The band includes Ellen Andre Wang (bass / vocals). Pixel receives wonderful reviews wherever they play! Dølajazz are very proud to have Ellen Andrea Wang back at Dølajazz. She is joined by Harald Lasser (Sax), Jonas Kilmork Vemøy (trumpet) and Jon Audun Baar (percussion).

Visitors to the Super Night may experience several concerts in the Festival Hall and Cafe Pin for only one ticket with a real festival feeling  and party atmosphere into the late night hours.

Read more about program and tickets here.

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