Elegance in the Norwegian Mountains


Experience the Tverrfjellet Pavillion in Dovre Municipality, designed by the prestigious architectural firm Snøhetta.

The Tverrfjellet Cabin was opened 2011, built on behalf of the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre North. The building is made as a box of steel, with a large glass surface against the mountain Snøhetta in the north, and one organic and undulating form of solid wood to the south.

The building is open and accessible during the summer months, and is reached after 20 minutes’ walk from the parking lot at Tverrfjellet.

The car park is bounded by the front post rows inspired by the old fences that were used to capture wild reindeer in the mountains for more than 800 years ago. Follow the gravel path, which is also accessible to wheelchair users, 1500 meters up to the viewpoint.
On the way, a series of flagstones tell you the Dovre mountain’s history over the past 10 000 years. At the top you’ll reach Viewpoint Snøhetta with a spectacular view to the Dovre-Sunndalsfjella National Park and the abandoned Hjerkinn artillery range.

The building has won several international awards since it was built and was named the “World Building of the Year” in 2011.

During the past four years over 60,000 people have visited the building.

Hjerkinnhus is located 3 km from Snøhetta Viewpoint.

Snøhetta was long thought to be Norway’s highest peak, and plays a significant role in the romantic nationalism ideology of mountain Norway. “United and faithful until Dovre falls”, the famous quote from the Constitution fathers in Eidsvold, testifies to this.

When you come for the first time into this giant, isolated mountains, especially if you come from Snøheim, you understand why Snøhetta has obtained a special place in the picture of the mountain Norway. Head to Snøhetta and Dovre and see for yourself!


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