Elegant Swedish Battery Lamp

Elegant Swedish Battery Lamp

The elegant Swedish battery Lamp Faro is inspired by Corrubedo, a vibrant Galician fishing village in Spain, where you’ll find the designer David Chipperfield’s own Bar du Porto.

The popular Swedish battery lamp Faro is the result of the collaboration between Swedish manufacturer Wästberg and David Chipperfield. It is inspired by historic lighthouses.

Magnus Wästberg, founder and CEO of Wästberg’s, grew up in Sweden with light, and lighting. His father ran a lighting company, and while Magnus was initially determined not to follow in his footsteps, it didn’t take long before he found himself working with him.

Elegant Swedish Battery Lamp
Magnus Wästberg, founder and CEO of Wästberg’s.

During their years together, their travels took them to all kinds of lighting environments. Even when they met every regulation and standard, Magnus was struck by the fact that almost all of them felt harsh, unwelcoming, or just uncomfortable.

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Elegant Swedish Battery Lamp
Architect and designer Davide Chipperfield. Photo: Christian Werner.

David Chipperfield first established his reputation designing store interiors in London, Paris, Tokyo and New York. Among Chipperfield’s early projects in England was a shop for Issey Miyake on London’s Sloane Street. His shops in Japan led to commissions to design for a private museum in Chiba prefecture (1987), design for a store for the automotive company Toyota in Kyoto (1989), and the headquarters of the Matsumoto Company in Okayama (1990). His firm opened an office in Tokyo in 1989. His first commission to design an actual building was for a house for the fashion photographer Nick Knight in London in 1990.

The lighthouse-shaped silhouette of Chipperfield/Wästberg’s Faro lamp encapsulates the dimly lit Mediterranean milieu which has been the two collaborators’ guiding light.

“I came to understand that the good light cannot rely on measurable qualities alone. There are other immeasurable qualities that are equally essential. Qualities that speak to our human nature, our emotions and needs,” says Magnus Wästberg on the company’s website.

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Faro is a portable, rechargeable lamp that can be used both inside and outdoors. With its compact form it is an ideal companion for various settings, such as on a dining table, in the garden or on a balcony. Moving fluidly between various lighting settings, it can provide both strong, focused illumination, as well as emitting a gentle, diffused glow to create a more intimate atmosphere.

Elegant Swedish Battery Lamp
Faro is a portable, rechargeable lamp that can be used both inside and outdoors.

Crafted from aluminum, the sleek piece balances modesty and grandeur. It’s a marriage of Chipperfield’s minimalistic style and Wästberg’s flair for crafting lower-energy alternatives to conventional lights.

The lighting company Wästberg was established in 2008, when the founder set out of his mission to create well-being through good light.

The color range of the w241 Faro lamp originates from David Chipperfield’s Bar do Porto, which features the same color palette.

Elegant Swedish Battery Lamp, written by Tor Kjolberg


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