Enjoy a Family Fishing Adventure in Sweden

Enjoy a Family Fishing Adventure in Sweden

Sweden has 2,000 miles of coastline to enjoy and over 100,000 lakes giving you plenty of options for a family fishing holiday. Your trip can be the perfect opportunity to discover some of the wildlife, as well as trying to catch a few fish. Many of the lakes in Sweden are abundant with perch, tench and pike, and to the north of the country you will find grayling, brown trout and Arctic char. Enjoy a family fishing adventure in Sweden.

Older children and teenagers may also enjoy taking a chartered excursion into the Arctic circle, where the ocean is full of cod and mackerel. It can be a wonderful way of bonding, and you might even get the opportunity to see the Northern lights.

Enjoy a Family Fishing Adventure in Sweden
Ödevata Fish Camp in Småland is a good place to enjoy a few days with your little ones

For the little ones
Learning how to fish is easy, and children can start as soon as they can hold a rod. When you are fishing with the younger members of the family, it is important that you find a safe and calm lake. Ödevata Fish Camp in Småland is a good place to enjoy a few days with your little ones. You can stay at the hotel or in one of the lodges right on the lake and make a real vacation of it. On the lake there are plenty of stable landings and platforms that you can fish from, and all equipment and life jackets are provided. There is also the option to rent a boat (with or without a motor), so that you can get out onto the water and enjoy the scenery.

Enjoy a Family Fishing Adventure in Sweden
Kastellet, Blekinge. Photo: Visit Blekinge

For the older ones
Going sea fishing can be extremely exciting for older children and teenagers, and you can get the opportunity to catch some really impressive trout, and even salmon. Blekinge is one of the best places to visit in Sweden if you want to book an excursion. Using a fishing charter is advisable when going sea fishing with children. These are generally managed by experienced fishermen who understand the conditions of the water and the weather. The Blekinge archipelago is famous for pike, sea trout and herring, and it’s not unusual to catch salmon that are over 10kg in weight. There have even been flounder caught that are over 200kgs.

Enjoy a Family Fishing Adventure in Sweden
Boat trip on Hjälmaren. Photo: Örebro University

For everyone
Every year in August, the Swedish people have a tradition of hosting a crayfish party. This is a family feast that is often celebrated outside on long tables, decorated with colored paper decorations and lanterns. You could host your own crayfish party, and spend some time catching your crayfish to eat. The public don’t need a license to catch crayfish for the whole of August and early September, and they are found in the majority of lakes and rivers in Sweden. Lake Hjälmaren is a good place to go, and you can catch crayfish with a simple net and some bait (bacon works well), or place a crayfish trap for a few hours and come back to it later in the day.

Going fishing in Sweden can be a fun adventure for the whole family. Whether you’re enjoying floating around on a boat in one of the many lakes, or on a deep-sea fishing excursion, there is an abundance of fish you can catch for your dinner.

Enjoy a Family Fishing Adventure in Sweden
Karoline Gore

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Feature image (on top): Photo credit: Stefan Ågren/imagebank.sweden.se