Enjoy Nature In Stockholm And Boost Your Wellbeing

Enjoy Nature In Stockholm And Boost Your Wellbeing

Being outdoors in nature has a profound effect on your health and wellbeing. A study of more than 20,000 participants done by the University of Exeter found that those who spent more than two hours a week outdoors in green spaces reported better psychological wellbeing and good health. Learn how to enjoy nature In Stockholm and boost your wellbeing.

The results were the same whether the participants were financially rich or poor, whatever their occupation, and regardless of whether they were living with a disability or chronic illness. It was simply conclusive that nature has a positive impact on our lives. Although Stockholm is a big city, there is also an abundance of nature, parks and green spaces to spend time in. If you’re visiting, you can spend time out in nature and boost your own sense of wellbeing as well as enjoying the city.

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Enjoy Nature In Stockholm And Boost Your Wellbeing
in the 1500s, Humlegården was a royal garden, established to grow hops, fruits and spices by Johan III. Photo: Wikipedia

Humlegården, Östermalm
Humlegården is a green space with prestige: in the 1500s it was a royal garden, established to grow hops, fruits and spices by Johan III. The word “humle” actually translates as “hops.” In 1686, Queen Eleonora of Denmark built the beautiful Rotunden Pavillion in the park for her family. Humlegården is a green oasis, perfect for a lunchtime walk, and you will see plenty of people from the business district enjoying lunch. Even a short time in nature can help improve your mood so you feel refreshed. A study done by the University of Essex on people living with depression found that 75% of them felt less depressed after a walk through a country park. At Humlegården, there are plenty of walking trails that you can follow, as well as good routes for cycling.

Enjoy Nature In Stockholm And Boost Your Wellbeing
The diverse area of Björnö includes pine forests, wetlands, farmland and beaches . Phpoto: Visit Stockholm

Björnö Nature Reserve
Located in the Stockholm Archipelago is the much-loved Björnö Nature Reserve. This diverse area includes pine forests, wetlands, farmland and beaches – you certainly wouldn’t notice that you are so near a capital city. At the nature reserve you can enjoy some wild swimming, rent a kayak for the afternoon, and even follow an underwater snorkel trail. Björnö Nature Reserve is also very popular for hikers: you can either go off the beaten track or follow one of the forest trails that leads you round the reserve. You can easily spend the whole day at the Björnö Nature Reserve and even enjoy a family barbecue, using one of the many free barbecues that are laid out.

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Until 1974, Låmgholmen was a prison fortress. Photo: Visit Stockholm

Långholmen, Södermalm
Långholmen has had a transformation – until 1974, it was a prison fortress. This beautiful park is now known for its sandy beaches and beautiful crystal-blue waters. It is a popular place with locals for swimming in all seasons. There is also a big allotment garden that is well-used for growing produce. Långholmen has beautiful walking trails through the gardens and woodland areas, and you can also enjoy cycling. The old prison has now become a museum with a popular hostel so you can stay on the island and enjoy a relaxing few days in nature.

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Even in a busy city, Stockholm has some beautiful nature reserves and public parks that you can enjoy. Spending regular time in nature can help improve your mood and give you a sense of wellbeing: what better reason is there to explore all that Stockholm has to offer?

Enjoy Nature In Stockholm And Boost Your Wellbeing
Karoline Gore

Enjoy Nature In Stockholm And Boost Your Wellbeing, written exclusively for Daily Scandinavian by Karoline Gore. Karoline is a freelance writer from Stoke on Trent in the UK who left the corporate grind when she started a family and has never looked back. She enjoys contributing to a range of online publications on the topics that are important to her.

Feature image (on top): Photo by Jon Flobrant/Unsplash

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