Europe’s Longest and Fastest Roller Coaster


Djurs Sommerland in Denmark has invested DKK 90 million in a new roller coaster with a top speed of 85 km/h, a length of 825 meters and a height of 30 meters. The new attraction will open in May 2017.

The new attraction will thus be Europe’s longest and fastest Family Suspended Coater (carts located on the underside of the rails), and the roller coaster is so large that it takes a whole year to build it. It is the largest single investment in a Danish amusement park ever.

When it is finished, the roller coaster is able to give a full blown adrenaline and 4G experience to approximately 750 people an hour, with a running time of two minutes. The new attraction will be a part pf a new and extensive theme area.

Djurs Sommerland
s latest investment is an extension of the park’s ambitious investment strategy, which also includes the Pirate (2008) and Jewel (2013).

CEO Henrik B., Nielsen (Photo: Flemming Højer)
CEO Henrik B., Nielsen (Photo: Flemming Højer)

When the new attraction is in place it will be the 27th park launch since 2008, a period in which Djurs Sommerland has invested over DKK 400 million in development. It has apparently paid off, since the number of visitors has increased from over 487,000 guests in 2007 to 801,000 in 2015, according to a press release from the amusement park.

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Europe’s Longest and Fastest Roller Coaster, written by Tor Kjolberg