Excellent Swedish Massage

Excellent Swedish Massage

Swedish massage has been known since 1269 when the very first Swedish bathing house is said to have opened. The health resort Varberg Kusthotel on the Swedish west coast, about 310 miles southwest of Stockholm, is a part of this exciting history where they combine a long tradition of spa, wellness and excellent Swedish massage with medical knowledge.

Spas are hugely popular throughout this wellness-oriented land. Varbergs Kusthotell, on the Swedish coast, is one of the most exclusive spas in Europe and contains the first and only thalassotherapy spa in Sweden. The spa concept has won several awards as a spa hotel as well as for their fabulous food, such as Best Served Food and Spa Star Awards.

Excellent Swedish Massage
Spas are hugely popular throughout this wellness-oriented land

Varberg is synonymous with wellness
Renowned for its iron-rich springs, beautiful beaches and fresh sea air, Varberg is synonymous with health and wellness in Sweden. For more than 200 years, this picturesque spa town has attracted people to relax and renew after a cold winter. Besides a salt water swimming pool, the guests of Varbergs Kusthotell can experience innovative applications and extraordinary effects of water, also thanks to the Sensory Sky, Horizontal Shower and Vertical Shower applications of Dornbracht, which are an integral part of the new concept of the spa.

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What really makes the difference at Varberg Kusthotel is that here everything is truly authentic. Customers can really feel the genuineness in every single detail. Here guests will find real seaweed, saltwater and a true, genuine smell of the sea. This is the place where real people meet. With its long tradition and extensive expertise, Varberg Kusthotel has always been and continues to be step ahead of its competitors.

Excellent Swedish Massage
Renowned for its iron-rich springs, beautiful beaches and fresh sea air, Varberg is synonymous with health and wellness in Sweden

The art of Nordic bathing
You will definitely want to visit the gorgeous waterfront Cold Bathhouse (Kallbadhuset), built in 1903. This is where you can learn the art of Nordic bathing, heating up in a sauna and then plunging into the invigorating sea, again and again. The historic structure provides access to the ocean along with a bit of privacy from the open sea (though you can swim beyond it if you like, and women and men’s areas are separated).

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In the Sensory Sky shower system based on weather phenomena and natural atmospheres, various types of rain, fog, light and aromas are combined, giving rise to extraordinary water experiences. Horizontal Shower responds to the desire to have a natural experience of wellbeing through water, and is part of the exclusive offerings of the spa of Varbergs Kusthotell, where six Water Bars are inserted in a large shower area over a heated surface. Vertical Shower combines special nozzles with different types of spray: Just Rain wraps the body in large pearly drops, while the Water Sheet produces a large clear flow that cascades onto the shoulders, ideal to relax muscles.

Excellent Swedish Massage
The four cornerstones principles consist of Movement, Physical Contact, Mental Stimulation and Nutritional Diet

Four cornerstones principles
Every spa should work around the four cornerstones principles. These consist of Movement, Physical Contact, Mental Stimulation and Nutritional Diet. Varberg Kurort has built the whole concept around these foundations. For the Movement cornerstone, every week they offer their guests more than 70 classes. Most of the activities are actually aquatic as the spa concept itself has its roots in the water. They have several calming activities which help to strengthen body awareness.

Just steps from the ocean, Varbergs Kusthotell is Sweden’s only authentic thalasso spa, with warm and cold seawater pools, seaweed treatments, and its own cold bathhouse where you sauna and then plunge into the sea. There’s also lovely spa garden with a sundeck where you can lay out in a hammock.

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For Mental Stimulation, Varberg Kusthotell offers hatha yoga, meditation, silent walk meditation by the sea, mental coaching and theory classes in fitness and dieting to name a few.

Unusual treatments
Along with massage, facials, and scrubs, many using the Phytomer marine line of products, Varbergs Kusthotel has some unusual treatments. You’ll want to try the one where you walk in a wooden bath tub filled with sea water, then enjoy a massage with hand-picked seaweed from Varbergs coast. The more adventurous can try a fish massage, where small carp nibble the dead skin off your feet.

Excellent Swedish Massage
You will definitely want to visit the gorgeous waterfront Cold Bathhouse (Kallbadhuset), built in 1903

With its location directly on the coast, for two centuries the Varbergs Kusthotell has been a destination for people who want to rest and regenerate. The proximity to the sea and nature makes it an ideal place in which to pull the plug and relax.

At Varberg Kusthotell all guests are guaranteed maximum pleasure and results thanks to the mix between the cornerstones principles and the outstanding staff expertise. This aspect, coupled with the passion of the staff, makes Varberg Kusthotell the leading spa year after year.

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Excellent Swedish Massage, written by Tor Kjolberg

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