Exciting Northern Norway


Northern Norway is known for northern lights, wildlife safaris and midnight sun. It is also home to the Sami, Norway’s indigenous people.

Cities and places

Many of the most important Sami institutions, such as the Sami Parliament, are located in Karasjok.
Kautokeino is Norway’s largest municipality, covering 9,687 square kilometres, with a population of 3,000 people and 100,000 reindeer. Alta is one of Northern Norway’s largest educational and research centres and is home to the Finnmark University. Lofoten is known for spectacular nature attractions and good fishing.

Vadsø is the administrative centre of Finnmark and has offices belonging to the state government as well as the Finnmark county council.


The North Cape is the northernmost place on mainland Europe. Northern Norway consists of the counties of FinnmarkTroms and Nordland. Midway between Norway and the North Pole you will find the islands of Svalbard.



Northern Norway’s landscape changes from alpine mountains and narrow fjords, with thriving coastal communities, to endless tundra and wilderness. There are mountains plunging into the sea from over a thousand meters at some stretches along the coast.

What to do

There is a selection of wildlife safaris in Northern Norway. Get close to whales, eagles, sea birds and king crabs. You can visit the North Cape and feel the breeze from the North Pole. Take a cruise with Hurtigruten (The Norwegian Coastal Voyage), which calls at many ports in Northern Norway. Snow scooter safaris and dog sledding are popular activities at winter.

Midnight sun and northern lights

In summer, night-time is just a dimmer version of daytime. The light of the midnight sun gives the landscape a magical and romantic dimension.

At winter the sun never rises and you can experience the magical northern lights, or aurora borealis, a spectacular colourful lightshow which dances across the sky.


The Sami

You can meet the Sami, Norway’s aborigines, who have their own language and culture. These indigenous people have strong traditions in fishing, hunting and reindeer herding, but have also adopted new technology and modern ways of living.  There is a Sami theme park in Karasjok.

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