Exclusive Swedes to Traena


First Aid Kit are confirmed to participatete at the Trænafestival 2014. The two Swedish sisters Klara and Johanna Söderberg released their second album in 2012, named “The Lion’s Roar”. The album gave them a total of 4 awards in the Swedish Grammy awards. The talented duet were also awarded with the Nordic Music Prize for the same album.


The organizers have wanted to get the girls to the island of Traene for a long time, and this year they have succeeded. First Aid Kit will visit only one Norwegian festival in addition to Traena, the Slottsfjell Festival in Tønsberg. The island-version will probably be an emotional and energetic event that you don’t want to miss out. The music from First Aid Kit can be described as folk music with a strong influence of indie folk and American country.

Having said that, Sara and Johanna have created an unique sound and a musical universe where their natural talent for the good melody is greater than any references and other sources to music.

First Aid Kit, the exclusive swedes, describes their own songs as bittersweet, and when we listen closely to their lyrics we absolutely understand that description. There’s not much more to say, other than get your ticket to Trænafestival now! Go to Træna, become a volunteer, whatever it takes to be there when First Aid Kit enters the stage at the Trænafestival.
If you haven’t heard them before, give the girls a listen, and get hooked…