Experience a Norwegian Lake Boat This Summer

Experience a Norwegian Lake Boat This Summer

With Norwegian inland boats tourists and hikers alike can now experience Norwegian nature in a completely different way. Organized by the organization Hanen, these boat trips have become an important part of Norwegian tourism.

Gjendebåten – The Gjende Boat
“We have high expectations for the summer season,” says Harald Rune Øystedal, captain and owner of Gjendebåten AS. “We had 61,000 passengers last summer, and with a new boat and an electronic booking system, we expect a considerable  increase this summer,” he adds.

Experience a Norwegian Lake Boat This Summer
Captain and owner of Gjendebåten AS, Harald Rune Øvstedah (photo: Cathrine Dokken)

The new booking solution means that hikers can buy a ticket in advance, thus avoiding standing in long queues on the dock. “But even more important is that we get an overview of the number of visitors and can adjust the number of boat trips to reduce the environmental impact on the Besseggen mountain,” says Øystedal.

The tourist companies in Jotunheimen have also employed a guide to pick up trash in the mountains and to lead inexperienced hikers over Besseggen.

Experience a Norwegian Lake Boat This Summer
MS Fæmund II (Photo: Jan Nordvaalen)

“Last week, the guide averted a rescue mission that would have cost the state a lot of thousands of dollars. We aim for quality in every aspect because we want the public to have positive associations to our destination, “concludes Øvstedal.

Experience a Norwegian Lake Boat This Summer
M / S Fæmund II carries passengers along scenic Femunden (Photo: Cathrine Dokken)

Serving local food
M / S Fæmund II carries passengers along Femunden through scenic surroundings in Femundsmarka National Park. Based on the passengers’ interest in local food, it is now being served the Røros Tray, developed by Røros Delicacy and consisting local foods from Røroskjøtt, Galåvolden Gård, Eggen Gardsysteri, Auma, Taste of Røros and Rørosbakeren. In addition, you may enjoy M / S Fæmund II’s own beer.

“We are keen on local food and local food traditions, and wish to serve our passengers healthy and tasty mountain food. We have received very good response to the Røros Tray, and passengers appreciate both the food and the beer,” says Jan Aage Røtnes, chairman of M / S Fæmund II.

Experience a Norwegian Lake Boat This Summer
Bernt Bucher-johannessen, CEO Hanen (photo: Ketil Blom)

Impressive approach
Thanks to the inland boats, Norwegian mountain experiences have become more accessible, and I am impressed by the owners’ approach to developing such a product,” concludes Bernt Bucher-Johannessen, Managing Director of HANEN.

The domestic boats are organized in the HANEN’s Inland Boating Committee, and the CEO of HANEN finds it very exciting to follow the developments in this industry, creating both jobs and sustainable destinations.

Experience Norwegian Lake Boats This Summer, is based on a press release from Hanen

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