Experiences of a First-Time Skier in Norway

Experiences of a First-Time Skier in Norway

Jetmira had never had skis on her feet – learn about the experiences of a first- time skier in Norway.

Jetmira Emini was by no means born with skis on her feet. Still, she had a dream of being able to ski with her son Marlon, 7 years old. Her dream came true in Trysil, Norway.

“This is so much fun,” shouts Jetmira, as she pushes her husband Ali Fazliu away. She doesn’t want help from him anymore. It is only two hours since she put her skis on her feet for the first time, but already she is speeding down the children’s slope in Trysil. Ski teacher Anders drives alongside and cheers; “Very well, Jetmira, look up and look forward.”

Experiences of a First-Time Skier in Norway
“This is so much fun,” shouts Jetmira

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Jetmira Emini is originally from Macedonia, but she has lived in Norway all her life. She now lives with her husband and children in Holmlia in Oslo. Last November, her husband, Ali, entered her into a competition in Trysil. They were looking for Norwegians who were born without skis on their feet, an apt description of Jetmira, he thought.

“My son and I ski a lot and are often on the mountain together, but we are missing the last member of the family,” says Ali Fazliu.

Jetmira thought it was a joke when they called from Trysil and said she had won a trip with hotel accommodation, food, ski pass, ski hire, ski instructor for two days and a sleigh ride.

Experiences of a First-Time Skier in Norway
Ida Dyreng, general manager of Destinasjon Trysil.

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“I was so nervous and scared before I started, but it was so much fun! I really felt on top of the world when I finally managed to swing down the hill without falling,” says Jetmira enthusiastically. “My ski instructor Anders was simply fantastic. I got a lot of good tips that made me learn quickly and feel safe.”

Ski school is underestimated by Norwegians.

“Only six percent of the customers of Trysilguidene, the ski school in Trysil, are Norwegian. We Norwegians believe that we are born with skis on our feet,” laughs Ida Dyreng, general manager of Destinasjon Trysil. “The truth is that ski instruction is good whether you are a beginner or experienced, and we encourage Norwegians to try it.”

Perhaps Jetmira proved that she was genetically more similar to her skiing father when learning to ski in Trysil.

“My father was very fond of skiing,” she says.

Experiences of a First-Time Skier in Norway
A hug in the ski slopes.

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Unfortunately, he did not get the chance to transfer his passion for skiing to Jetmira and the sisters before he died of cancer.

“It was probably about integration at the start. At least for us four eldest daughters,” says Jetmira. – But when my youngest sister grew up, mum and dad were more integrated into the Norwegian society, and my sister does both alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and snowboarding,” laughs Jetmira.

“I thought of dad when I was skiing in Trysil. I know he would have been very proud of me now” she, says with a smile.

Fantastic experience

Jetmira and her family had a great experience in Trysil, and she strongly recommends it to anyone who wants to try alpine skiing for the first time.

“I am so glad that I accepted the chance and tried skiing. It was a wonderful experience. And it felt good to ski together with Marlon and Ali. I’m sure I’ll do it again,” says Jetmira.

Experiences of a First-Time Skier in Norway
Jetmira and her fasmily in Trysil

A customer survey carried out by Opinion for Destinasjon Trysil found that 25 percent of Norwegians over the age of 18 have never been on alpine skis or snowboards. There are more than 1 million Norwegians who have never been on alpine skis or snowboards.

1,813 people applied for “the Norwegian born without skis in Trysil”.

Experiences of a First-Time Skier in Orway, based on an press release from Destination Trysil.

All images © Destination TRysi

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