Explore The Oslo Fjord Islands


Easily reached from Oslo and filled with wonderful walking trails, great beaches for swimming and historical sites and museums, the islands in Oslo Fjord are well worth a visit. Each island has a distinctive feel and has something to offer every visitor, so be sure to explore the Oslo Fjord islands.

Getting to the islands couldn’t be simpler. There are ferries all year round, leaving from the pier in front of Oslo City Hall. As long as you have a regular ticket from Ruter (the public transport system in Oslo) or an Oslo pass, you can take a Ruter boat to any of the islands from the city.

Explore The Oslo Fjord Islands
Monastery ruins at Hovedøya. Photo: Christian Rafn/Visit Oslo

Hovedøya is one of the most popular islands because it is the largest and only 600m from the city center. It is well-known for its sheltered climate and great beaches for swimming. Most of the island is a nature reserve and protected conservation area, which is ideal for walking, as well as seeing some rare plants that grow on the island.

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“If you’re interested in visiting historic sites, then visit Hovedøya,” says Joan Gooding, a travel writer at Top European Writing Services and UKWritings. “You can wander around the ruins of a 12th century Cistercian monastery which was built by English monks. The island also has cannon batteries, dating back to the 19th century, which remain from the years that the island was used by the Norwegian military. It’s worth popping into the Lavetthuset, which now houses a gallery, studios, as well as a monastery library.”

Explore The Oslo Fjord Islands
Langøyene. Photo: Visit Oslo

Langøyene is best known for being the only island in the fjord on which you can camp overnight. Until 1952, Langøyene was a landfill site, but once the municipality opened a new bathing place, it became very popular with locals and tourists alike. Today, it attracts tourists with its large grassy areas (ideal for sports, such as soccer), as well as its beaches and some fantastic walking trails.

Explore The Oslo Fjord Islands
Cabins on Bleikøya

Bleikøya is one of the most popular cabin islands in the fjord. The northern part of the island is a nature reserve, where you can find some rare flora. It is also home to the largest population of barnacle geese in the fjord, as well as nesting sites for herring gulls, black-headed gulls and common eider.

Explore The Oslo Fjord Islands
Ferry arriving Gressholmen. Photo: Oslofjorden

Further out in the fjord, you will find the trio of islands Gressholmen, Rambergøya and Heggholmen. Gressholmen is connected to the other two islands via causeways, which are particularly important as they form a bay for sea birds. Gressholmen housed the main airport for the city, which was used to land seaplanes between the First and Second World Wars. Now, the airport is used as a boatyard.

“You can walk to one of the oldest lighthouses in the fjord, which is based in Heggholmen,” explains Alan Overby, a journalist at Essay Writing Service and Big Assignments. “The views back to the city are wonderful and part of the reason this is such a popular destination. If you get a chance, you can also stop in at Gressholmen Kro. It was originally built as a meeting room in 1883 by the Christiana Shooting Club, but now it’s one of the oldest eateries in the fjord.”

Explore The Oslo Fjord Islands
Oscarshall summer palace. Photo: Rolf Thoresen/Visit Oslo

Bygdøy is a peninsula to the west of the city center and is easily reached by taking either a bus or a boat. It is a popular destination for both its beaches as well as its walking trails. Bygdøy also houses many of the most popular museums and historic attractions, including the Norwegian Folk Museum, the Viking Ship Museum, the Royal Estate, the Holocaust Centre, Oscarshall and the Fram Museum.

Explore The Oslo Fjord Islands
Lindøya. Photo: Lasse Tur/Mapio

Lindøya is a popular island, especially in the summer, as it has about 300 more summer cabins than any of the other islands. It is the only island which has two ferry stops which are served by different routes. This makes it more accessible and affords greater flexibility when visiting. Lindøya’s southwestern corner is especially popular for swimming.

Explore The Oslo Fjord Islands
Whether you are looking to relax on a beach, spend time exploring the nature reserves or playing sports, there is an island for you. Remember to pack some food and drink, as some of the islands only have a small kiosk or shop that may only be open during the summer months. So, which Oslo Fjord island will you visit first?

Explore The Oslo Fjord Islands
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