Exploring the Finest Boat Hotels in Stockholm

Exploring the Finest Boat Hotels in Stockholm

Meta Description: In Stockholm and all over Europe, it’s a usual practice to remodel old ships into lodgings. This article describes leading boat hotels in the Swedish capital. Meals, drinks, and accommodation — you will get all the services! Let’s go exploring the finest boat hotels in Stockholm.

Is Stockholm your next destination? From food and parks to Stockholm’s museums and art exhibitions, you can never go wrong with it. However, the experience isn’t complete until you stay in a boat hotel. You don’t have to be a tourist to enjoy the boatel atmosphere. Even Stockholm locals can explore the possibility of eating and sleeping at sea.

During your trip, you can unwind with your favorite Ghost Slider games, choosing from a variety of titles. You can play it on any device, whether it’s a Mac, tablet, or mobile phone. Who knows, you could land huge winnings and extend your stay at one of these boat hotels in Stockholm.

Exploring the Finest Boat Hotels in Stockholm
Built in 1888, af Chapman had its fair share of traveling before becoming one of the top hostels in Stockholm

Af Chapman
Built in 1888, the ship had its fair share of traveling before becoming one of the top hostels in Stockholm. After serving as a trading vessel for 25 years, it sailed to Gothenburg, where it continued as a private training boat from 1915 to 1923.

That’s when the Swedish Navy called it “Af Chapman” and used it for training until its last voyage in 1934. In 1937, the navy towed it to Skeppsholmen, Stockholm, and used it for their accommodation. It’s only in 1949 when it was turned into a hostel.

So, what do you get when you book this option? First off, most cabins maintain their original design, preserving the history of past sailors. This style extends to the towering masts on the exterior. Furthermore, you can see the Royal Castle from some rooms. You can choose between singles, doubles, and the dormitory. Apart from rooms and bathroom amenities on the ship, the common area, TV lounge, and kitchen are offshore. The best part is that workers are polite and familiar with Stockholm and its environs.

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Exploring the Finest Boat Hotels in Stockholm
Mälardrottningen it’s minutes away from Stockholm’s major attractions. Photo: Wikipedia

When you arrive, the experience starts with a gangplank ushering you into the reception containing a nautical theme and teak panels. The entertainment lounge sits over the engine compartment, which is visible through the transparent floor.

When it comes to the cabins, they boast of mahogany finishes and maritime artwork. This goes hand in hand with the restaurant on the deck and the open terrace. If you’re in Stockholm for a business meeting, the hotel is the perfect hideout thanks to its free Wi-Fi.

What’s more, it’s minutes away from Stockholm’s major attractions, for instance, Stockholm Central Station and Gamla Stan. But Mälardrottningen wasn’t always a hostel. Built in 1924, the boat has changed ownership from C.K.G Billings, his daughter Barbara Hutton, even the English Navy. After its reconstruction between 1980 and 1982, the ship was permanently anchored at Riddarfjärden, Stockholm.

Exploring the Finest Boat Hotels in Stockholm
Red Boat at Mälaren. Photo: Wikipedia

Red Boat Mälaren
True to its name, this hotel is a red vessel on Lake Mälaren. Together with a second boat, it features 34 guestrooms, with dorm and private accommodations. The individual cabins contain three sections, namely, Officers, Captains, and Admirals. You could also choose between the Navigators and Mates’ units in the landslide quarters. Hanging lanterns, nautical clocks, wood wall paneling, you name it; its décor makes the Red Boat a famous floating hostel in Stockholm.

Private accommodations also have televisions, personal bathrooms, and breakfast. Not mentioning the 24-hour reception and luggage store. You can also relax in the lounge with your favorite drink and a newspaper. Another selling point is its location. Found in Northern Södermalm, the spot is approximately 10 minutes from the heart of Gamla Stan, allowing you to explore the nightlife and Stockholm’s Old Town. Note that the Red Boat doesn’t admit children below ten years.

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Exploring the Finest Boat Hotels in Stockholm
Situated in Northern Södermalm, this hostel borders Stockholm’s Old Town

Ånedin Hostel
Situated in Northern Södermalm, this hostel borders Stockholm’s Old Town. Its affordable rates set it apart from other boat hotels in Stockholm. That notwithstanding, the services remain unmatched. The rooms may be small, and the corridors narrow, but the beds are still cozy. Although you share bathrooms in the cheaper cabins, the luxurious alternatives are en-suite and include a balcony and sitting area.

They also have complimentary Wi-Fi, queen size, and couch beds. You could also sample the buffet restaurant for sumptuous meals or have a drink at the bar as you soak in the breathtaking view. Don’t panic when you return from your Stockholm adventures in the afternoon and miss your boat; the captain might have taken a sightseeing tour to the Stockholm Archipelago. You can enjoy this trip for free as a hostel guest.


Exploring the Finest Boat Hotels in Stockholm
Overlooking Riddarfjärden and Stockholm’s Old Town, the hotel is on a ship called Kronprinsesse Märtha

Simplicity is a constant theme of this three-decker hostel/hotel. Instead of screaming colors and fancy paintings, expect plain walls and sheets in the cabins.

The simplicity extends to public spaces like the lounge, with its checkered curtains, oriental carpets, and leather chairs. You can also book the lounge for meetings, conferences, and other special events. On summer days, you can sit on the picnic tables on the deck to enjoy the sea breeze and look at Stockholm.

While couples prefer the Captain and Standard cabins, the hostel side is excellent for smaller groups touring Stockholm on a budget. The restaurant also serves breakfast (separate from the room charge) and Swedish delicacies for lunch and supper. Moreover, Rygerfjord is accessible to Stockholm’s significant points, like the Stockholm palace and Stockholm Central Station.

Overlooking Riddarfjärden and Stockholm’s Old Town, the hotel is on a ship called Kronprinsesse Märtha. This boat took the name of Swedish Princess Martha, the wife of Prince Olav. You can visit Stockholm Royal Palace, which is 1.1 kilometers away. Likewise, Sergels Torg Square and Stockholm Bromma Airport are 1.3 and 7 kilometers from the property. Some of the rooms’ features include Wi-Fi, private bathrooms, air conditioning, and if you’re lucky, the sea view.

You also get daily housekeeping, newspapers, storage, and photocopying services. The lounge is also cozy, presenting antique furniture and a TV. Best of all, the area is secure, thanks to the guards, CCTV cameras, and security alarms. You don’t have to leave the hotel for a decent meal. You can eat at the on-site restaurant and have a drink. Note that the property doesn’t allow pets.


Choosing Boat Hotels in the City of Stockholm
Your hotel choice determines whether your trip will be successful or a disaster. For starters, weigh the boat hotel’s amenities against its cost. This goes together with the hotel’s proximity to the areas you want to visit. For example, you can book a place near Stockholm’s city hall if you’re interested in the town’s landmarks. Do you know other fun locations in Stockholm?

Exploring the Finest Boat Hotels in Stockholm
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