Extreme Surfing in Norway


Arctic surfing at Unstad on the island of Lofoten in Northern Norway attracts extreme surfers from all over the world.

Even in winter it’s become a unique experience for estreme sports enthusiasts. Every year more than 1,000 surfers are visiting the island.

The Gulf Stream ensures that the water stays ice-free all year round in this stunning landscape of fjords and snow-covered mountains. Even when the air temperature is around freezing, the Norwegian Sea is about five degrees Celsius.

In this unusual tourist destination there are no sharks, but seals and killer whales, and the surfers use full body suits 5mm to 7mm thick, with hoods, boots and gloves.

You can say what you want about surf camps, but one thing is certain. They are fun and social, and at Unstad they do their very best to give you a positive and meaningful experience.

The first surf camp this year is for beginners and intermediate surfers and takes place from June 23 – 25.
Extreme Surfing in Norway, written by Tor Kjolberg