Faroese Knitting Festival


Discover Faraoe Island’s remarkable knitting culture. If you are a pro or just interested in knitting there’s actually a knitting Festival on Faroe Islands 14-16 April 2016. It is also an exclusively opportunity to stay with the locals.

The first ever Knitting Festival was held in 2015 and it turned out to be a huge success, with hundreds of people from abroad joining many locals to learn about knitting and enjoy each other’s company.

This year there will be knitting workshops, lectures at cafes and gatherings in the homes of the people of Fuglafjødur over three days.

‘We want to give our guests the complete knitting experience,” says Steintóra, one of the festival’s four organizers.

Knitting model from Faroe Islands
Knitting model from Faroe Islands

The festival will in particular focus on the social aspect, getting to know one another through knitting. We want people to enjoy themselves whilst learning new things. Being Faroese, we’ve naturally also emphasized the importance of good food! Women, food and knitting needles belong together!”


You may enjoy several of the 70 workshops, held by 23 different experts, some from the Faroe Islands and others from abroad. The majority of these workshops will be held in one of the 26 living rooms that people will wander in and out of. There will also be opportunities to take guided walks through the village of Fuglafjørður.

The Festival Banquet

The festival will not only be about knitting. You may also dress up in your finest attire at the festival’s banquet, which will be held on the last evening. The Faroese are known for their social gatherings, which are never short of exceptionally good food, soulful singing and joyous dancing, guaranteeing you a great time!


This is a rare opportunity to have new friends by spending your nights in the homes of the locals of Fuglafjørður. Choosing this option, you’ll live together with the house owners for the duration of the festival. Another option is to rent an apartment or flat in Fuglafjørður.


Other accommodation options (outside of Fuglafjørður) include Bed and Breakfasts and hotels across the country.

For further information, visit www.bindifestivalur.com.

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Faroese Knitting Festival,compiled by Tor Kjolberg