Fashion from Norway

Fashion from Norway

Norwegian fashion designer Frank Remme designed men’s fashion clothes for H&M and Wesc before he established his own brand. Today, he designs women’s and men’s clothing characterized by a sophisticated yet casual look. This is fashon from Norway at its best.

Fashion designer Frank Remme (born 1973) from Stokmarknes, Norway started out in Paris almost 25 years ago working at H&M responsible for men’s wear and other French and Scandinavian high-end and streetwear brands like Christian Lacroix and Swedish WeSc.

Fashion from Norway
Frank Remme. Asya embroidered dress

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Realizing his dream
in 2014 Remme realized a lifelong dream when her returned to his native Norway and established his eponymous label, frankremme, designing men’s as well as women’s fashion.

According to Remme, “he wants to create a new fashion sense through playful design with surprising elements, create striking looks that catch all eyes and make heads turn. These are the clothes of my dreams,” he says.

Fashion from Norway
Frank Remme, Fall/Winter collection 2019

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Fashion from Norway
The ultra-feminine fashion designer Cavallo is one of the designer Frank Remme admires. While Frankremme is a relatively young brand, the label has already found its niche. The Norwegian designer has always been eager to push the frontiers of his country’s exciting fashion scene.

Fashion from Norway
The Norwegian designer has always been eager to push the frontiers of his country’s exciting fashion scene

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A high degree of comfort
Creating a stand-out collection made up of clothes people want to buy and wear, year after year, has according to Remme  been the key to success. This requires great quality in fabrics and design, durability, versatility and full focus on sustainability in all aspects of the production – and of course, a high degree of comfort.

Fashion from Norway, written by Tor Kjolberg

Feature image (on top): Photo by Elise Henriksen