Five child friendly biking routes in Oslo


Summer is biking season and a wonderful time to explore Oslo by bicycle.  Enjoy your stay by biking in a  town that is quiet during holidays when Oslo is at it’s finest.  The bicycle might be just the best way to get acquainted with the city.


Here are five child friendly biking routes in Oslo,  fine and not particularly demanding. They can be completed in just an hour or two, plus any breaks:

(These trips are through areas with little or no traffic. Recommended map is Oslo map book or hiking map ‘Oslo Marka summer’ in scale 1: 50,000.)

Eateries in Østmarka (Eastmark)
One of the easier hiking trips through woods begins and ends in the north at Ellingsrud subway station.  This bike ride is just over six miles long, on gravel roads through Østmarka down to Skullerud subway metro station in the south.  Along the way there are three pleasant eateries: Mariholtet, Rustadsaga and Skullerudstua, as well as nice picnic areas with swimming possibilities, such as Bremsrud and Katissa at Nøklevann.

Distance: 7.5 miles

Difficulty: easy, suitable for children from 7-8 years


Bygdøy roundtrip
One of the easiest and also one of the most attractive areas in Oslo for nice weekend- or afternoon walks is a Bygdoy roundtrip excursion starting at Skoyen station and ending at Skoyen square.  This is one of the first places where the snow disappears in the spring.  There are beautiful hiking trails through woods and farmland, past sea views, cliffs and grazing cows.

Along the way you pass the famous museum and attraction Oscarshall Castle, and some of the finest bathing spots in Oslo:  Huk, Paradisbukta (Paradise Bay) and the recently established Bygdøy seawater pool on the northwest side of the peninsula.  The finest part of this bike route is closest to the lake along Hengseng road, Christian Frederiks road on the west side, and Wedel road on the east side. Take a break at idyllic Rodeløkken cafe, with a view to Frognerkilen.

Distance: 5 miles, depending on route choice

Difficulty: very easy

Wild and green along the lower Alna River.
One of the most popular hiking trails starts at the intersection of Breivollveien and Smalvollveien, a short distance west of Alna Center and ends at Enebakkveien by the Galgeberg Crossing.

Although close to the country’s largest industrial areas, the hiking path along the Alna River is verdant and surprisingly quiet.  The lower Alna River meanders with wings of flood plains down to the narrow but gloomy Svartdalen (Black valley) with its runs and waterfalls.  At the newly constructed walking route west of Bryn Station is a suspension bridge and then a stretch where the road runs along a rock wall over the Alna.  It is quite spectacular. The path is winding and difficult in places and the width varies so pay attention to walkers!  Then it’s Enebakkvei downhill to the Galgeberg intersection.

Distance: 2.8 miles

Difficulty: easy to cycle, but some traffic on Nils Hansens vei between Tveten bridge and Bryn station (0.4 miles)

Bird Watching Eldorado at Østensjøvannet
Østensjøvannet is one of the most exciting bird watching areas in Eastern Norway, starting at Hellerudsletta subway station and ending at Skullerud metro station.

Along the water and south to Bogerud and Skullerud is a pleasant and very easy cycling trail through a green field resplendent with farms and wetland vegetation. There are many opportunities to get close to the birds.

From Hellerudsletta subway station follow Låveveien and Haakon Tveters way south to Østensjøvannet, pedestrian trail from here to Skullerud station. After crossing under General Ruges vei at the end of the walk, it is a short distance to Skullerud subway station.

Distance: 3.7 miles

Difficulty: very easy, fit for kids from 6-7 – years


Ekeberg Sculpture Park
This bicycle tour begins and ends at Sportsplassen city station, tramcar line 18 and 19.

Christian Ringnes opened the Ekeberg Sculpture Park in September 2013.  Thirty sculptures and installations have been placed along its paths.  Since they are spread over a fairly large area, a bicycle is a good way to get around and see the attractions. Directly below the Ekeberg restaurant is a café and visitor center where one can find maps of the location and information about the artwork.


Starting the bicycle tour at Sportsplassen station, follow the Jomfrustien road and pedestrian footpaths, then circle around Ekeberg restaurant and camp ground. In order to avoid the huge pressure of hikers along these roads, a trip on a weekday is recommended.

Distance: about 2.2 miles

Difficulty: easy

Text and Photos: Øyvind Wold

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