Four Best Camping Sites in Norway


There are so many alternatives, both in summer and winter, so you might having trouble choosing the right camping site in Norway. You may prefer to try your luck fishing in the countless rivers, lakes and fjords, or perhaps your family prefers an amusement park or zoo. If you are seeking a place to relax and stress down, Norway is the right destination. Here are the four best camping sites in Norway 2015 according to NHO Travel.

NHO Travel (Reiseliv) is a member organization consisting of hotels and other accommodation, restaurants, catering and other food service businesses. Members also include campsites, family amusement parks, alpine facilities and other attractions. NHO Travel’s members make their living offering experiences ranging from lodging to rafting: in short, anything in the area of tourism.

Experience the best camping-sites in Norway this year.

Kristiansand feriesenter, Dvergnestangen.
Open all year for rental of cabins, apartments and campsites with capacity to 250 tents or trailers.

You may enjoy One Ocean Dive Center, Kristiansand Zoo and amusement park, Agder Nature Museum and botanical garden. Why not a boat trip to Ny Hellesund in Søgne or picturesque Lillesand? If you travel to Evje you may experience forest and mountains and the Evje stone museum. Try canoeing in the waters of Birkenes and Iveland. Experience the nearby forests and mountains , travel to Evje. Visit the Evje Mineral Park. The Kristiansand Region holds a lot.

Moysand Family Camping, Grimstad
Moysand Family Camping (Established 1929) is surrounded by beautiful nature, nice walking areas and has a wonderful beach. Nearby, only 10 minutes away, you’ll also find Grimstad Golf Course for those interested.

Moysand rents out motorboats and rowing boats, and there’s a playground and trampoline for kids.

Three 5-star cabins can be rented on a weekly basis. Short distance to Kristiansand (see above).

Sølvgarden Hotell & Holiday center, Setesdalen.
Established in 2007, Søllvgarden is surrounded by waterfalls and mountains, where you can unwind in serene surroundings, enjoy the magnificent scenery and experience Norwegian culture and traditions. Sølvgarden is in the centre of the village of Rysstad, close to the River Otra, where you can go fishing, swimming and canoeing.

Short distance to Lysefjorden and Stavanger, alpine skiing and mountain climbing.

Hallingdal Holiday Park, Ål
Established in 2013. The only campsite in Scandinavia admitted member of Leading Campingsites Europe (2015). You may rent one of the17 high standard camping cabins, or there are – 180 comfortable sites for trailers and mobile homes, 10 large luxurious trailers for rent, tent sites and main building with restaurant.

Four Best Camping Sites in Norway, compiled by Admin