Fun-loving Denmark


Small, but perfectly formed, Denmark is a country of fun-loving, environmentally conscious people.

Hamlet was wrong – there is nothing rotten in the state of Denmark. Yes, winter is dreary, but they’re mild with little snow, and summers are sunny, with long hours of daylight.

Fun-loving Denmark
Map of Denmark

Yes, the tax rate is among the world’s highest. But taxes are reinvested to help make this country “where few have too much and fewer too little”.

Fun-loving Denmark
Bike-loving Danes

The world’s oldest kingdom packs plenty of international clout. The Vikings are gone, but their descendants are spreading their seed far and wide: Denmark is the biggest supplier of frozen human sperms on the planet. It’s also a major purveyor of computer elements and electronic devices, windmills, agricultural products, arts and crafts and skilled professionals.

Fun-loving Denmark
The oldest kingdom in the world has its Kronborg castle (the Hamlet castle)

Denmark is a green nation of cyclists and recyclers. Nine out of 10 Danes own a bicycle, half the country’s rubbish is recycled, and windmills provide 20 percent of the country’s power needs.

Fun-loving Denmark
The great belt-bridge between Zealand and Funen

Nowhere is very far away. The Jutland peninsula and main Danish islands are linked by a network of spectacular road and railway bridges, which even extends across the Øresund to Sweden. Ferries still play their part, linking islands and crossing the larger lakes, for this is a nation with a strong seafaring past.

Fun-loving Denmark
Danish wind turbines

Zealand, in the east, holds Scandinavia’s liveliest capital city, Copenhagen, and Hamlet’s castle, Kronborg at Helsingør (Elsinore).

Fun-loving Denmark
Holidday coast Henne strand

Jutland in the west, is Denmark’s link with mainland Europe. North Jutland’s seascapes have captivated artists over the centuries, and its beaches draw summer holidaymakers. East Jutland boasts a intricate lake system, well used for canoeing and water sports, and Århus, Denmark’s second city, with its esteemed international arts festival.

Fun-loving Denmark
From Bornholm

Funen, sandwiched between Jutland and Zealand, is the “garden of Denmark”.

Fun-loving Denmark
Faaborg, Funen

Out in the Baltic is Bornholm, Denmark’s sunniest holiday spot.

Fun-loving Denmark
Lake in mointain Sorgvagsvatn, the Faroe Islands

Far to the west and north lie outposts of the Danish kingdom: the windswept Faroe Islands (“Sheep Islands”), a favorite haunt for birdwatchers, and Greenland, offering adventurous travelers stunning scenery and a pristine natural environment.

Feature image (on top): House in Fanoe (Visit Denmark)

Fun-loving Denmark, written by Tor Kjolberg

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