Functional Fashion from Sweden


Sweden is known for meatballs, flat pack furniture, popular music and not least functional outdoor clothing.

The more than 100 years old Swedish manufacturer of functional and fashionable outdoor clothing, Didriksons, is one of Sweden’s most successful companies with rapidly increasing export.

In 1913 Julius and Hanna Didrikson started crafting protective workwear for the local fishermen in the small town of Grundsund on Sweden’s western coastline. The Didriksons had seen a gap in the market for functional clothing for fishermen in the area and thanks to a generous wedding gift of 5,000 kronor, the newly wed managed to realize their business idea.

Functional Fashion from Sweden
Boy in Didriksons parka – keeping out the cold

Their main priority was to keep the wearers dry and happy in all weather, from freezing temperature to torrential rain. It didn’t take long before the interest in their quality oil garments grew and the company with it.

Functional Fashion from Sweden
Family in snow wearing Dudriksons outerwear

In 1998, after a financial crisis, the company was bought by Sören Andreasson who recognized its potential. With a new ownership group Didriksons began working on a new strategy, and since 2005 the company has successfully entered one market after another.

Functional Fashion from Sweden
Best weather for Didriksons outerwear

Today they design weatherproof outwear for everyone, with timeless style and flawless quality that thrives on everyday adventure. Their tireless work to reduce carbon footprints, minimize the use of chemicals, outright ban toxic substances and reduce water and energy usage seems to pay off.

The company works with modern multi-functioned materials, and many of the company’s collections feature waterproof, breathable materials. A strong on-going trend is the rain gear collection that exemplifies fine fashion. Wearing Didriksons guarantees peace of mind since you’re both protected and stylish without having any adverse effects on the environment.

Functional Fashion from Sweden
Didriksons outerwear fashion

The largest export country is Norway, but strong growth is happening all over Europe. Didriksons is currently active in over 25 countries.

Functional Fashion from Sweden, written by Tor Kjolberg

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