Gastronomic Fanoe in Denmark


On the Danish West-coast you may experience a new springtime with the best oysters, the best beer and the best ham. And: ‘We have the best women’ according to Jesper Voss, Fanoe-guide.

010415-Fanoe-island-denmark-mapFanoe is a small island south-west in Denmark. On Fanoe you can, first and foremost, find peace and tranquility in a beautiful setting. The island has a very special relaxing atmosphere that fit both families with children, foodies and people who seek great experiences in the nature.

The island is 14 km (8.7 miles) wide, 4 km (2,49 miles) long with some 3,200 inhabitants. Today tourism is the main industry. Fanoe is known for its long, wide beaches, tidewaters and thatched houses. The southernmost town, Sonderho, was in 2009 elected Denmark’s most beautiful village. Fanoe and the Wadden Sea National park were appointed Nature World Heritage in 2014 by UNESCO.

In summer, when the tourists arrive, there are almost 30,000 people here. Experience gastronomic Fanoe in Denmark.

Fanø Bryghus is brewing some beers that are quite fun, including a barrel aged imperial stout, saison, and herb induced wheat. Some upcoming, new brews include a chocolate milk stout, spiced saison, and a rauch (smoked) beer. The amount of hops and malts used by Fanø is quite impressive lending favorably to a wide selection of brewing possibilities. No wonder that three special made beers have been made for Noma restaurant in Copenhagen. Norway is among several countries importing beer from Fanoe.

Sonderho Kro, founded in 1722, is a cozy inn on the south side of the island. It is one of the oldest and best preserved inns in Denmark situated just a few steps from the dike in the heart of Sonderho. The restaurant is quite superb and well preserved with historic interiors.

The inn has 14 lovely and individually decorated rooms in different sizes, named after good Sonderho ships or names relating to former inn-keepers family.

The kitchen is run by former Michelin-chef in London, Jakob Sullestad. When his wife and Jakob took over Sonderho Kro six years ago, the inn had been family owned for nine generations. The food is French inspired with a Danish local touch.

When we asked, why there is such an abundance of good food at Fanoe, the inhabitants say that visitors and people owning their summer houses there, are more than average interested in food and wine.

Restaurant Ambassaden (The Embassy)
is a cozy café and restaurant managed by a Danish couple. In the Summer the nice garden is open (the garden takes up to 60 guests).

The chef offers Danish/European cuisine and fish from the Danish waters.

managed by Dorte and Robin create the right gastronomic atmosphere with local art on the walls and generous portions.

Kromanns Fiskerestaurant
In our opinion  one of the best seafood restaurants on the island. Fresh and homemade- and reasonable prices (being in Denmark).

Rudbeck Cheese and Deli

There is something delicious relaxing with a delicatessen shop where herbs are growing in window boxes and the shelves are bursting of cheese and home-made marmalades. Rudbeck is operated by former eco-farmers with no compromises regarding local produce. We recommend you to stop for a delicious brunch.

Norby Kro

In the 300 year old tatched Sognefogedgården you find Norby Kro. The dining room is stylish and cozy and there is even a fireplace for colder days.

010415-oyster-hunting-fanoe-denmarkOyster hunting
From October to Easter, there are organized tours for groups of oyster hunters. Take a 3 km guided walk out to the oyster beds where participants are invited to pick and eat as many delicious oysters as they wish. In so doing visitors can also do their bit for the environment by helping to remove non-native Pacific Oysters, considered a pest by environmentalists.

Going there
You fly or drive to the Legoland hometown of Billund. From there it is an hour+ drive to Esbjerg, where the Fanoe ferry takes twelve minutes to the island. From Copenhagen to Esbjerg it takes about three hours by car, bus or train.  DFDS Seaways offer a regular service of departures every other day between Harwich and Esbjerg, during June, July and August and crossings three times a week between September and May.