Good Terrace Living


The Swedish furniture design company Fri Form offers exclusive Swedish designed terrace furniture that will last for generations.

The foundation of Fri Form is Elsa Stackelberg’s simple and elegant designs from the early sixties. In 1960 Berndt Wolter Stackelberg married his second wife Elsa Juliane Lund, whose family fled from Norway to Sweden during W.W.II. Elsa Stackelberg, educated at the Oslo Academy of Art & Design, inspired Berndt, who was already a furniture craftsman by hobby, to officially reestablish the tradition of furniture making. In the 1960s they successfully introduced and evolved a garden furniture series called Fri Form.

Continuity in design and color is one of the distintive characteristics of this classic range of furniture, which has a timeless look and can be extended whenever you want. Add to this the high quality and attention to detail, and you have the key to the unique appeal of Fri Form.

To meet the demand of everyone who enjoys life, Fri Form comes in three different versions:

– First rate Swedish craftmanship in natural or white stained pine timber
Teak – Natural beauty and classic sophistication in solid teak
Alu – This timeless range is also available in white, grey or black lacquered finish, and will last a lifetime.