Great Places To Catch A Gig In Stockholm This Autumn

Great Places To Catch A Gig In Stockholm This Autumn

Stockholm has an impressive 2088 places where you can go and see some live music. From lounge acts and intimate shows, to big stadium concerts, there is definitely something for everyone, covering every type of music genre, from classic pop to electronica. You can even head to an open mic night and take part in the gig yourself, playing with others and learning a few new guitar skills along the way. Learn more about the great places To catch a gig In Stockholm this autumn.

This autumn, as more venues are booking live acts, there is plenty to choose from, so you can enjoy a night out with friends and family, and have a real treat for your ears.

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Great Places To Catch A Gig In Stockholm This Autumn
Stampen in Old Town, Stockholm. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Open Mic at Stampen
Stampen, home of the Big Time Blues Jam is a jazz, rhythm and blues bar located in old town Stockholm. This building itself has a fascinating history – it was once a pawnshop, and many of the original antiques are still to be found in the bar, which has been serving up live music since 1968. There is daily live music at Stampen and the Big Time Blues Jam takes place every Saturday afternoon. It is worth brushing up on your licks and riffs if you want to take part, and you can do this with a guitar app. Learning using an app is quick and easy, and you can do it at your own pace. The Blues Jam is free to attend and enter, and all genres are welcome from funk and heavy metal, to country soul. The afternoon is hosted by harmonica legend Bill Öhrström and the bassist Derek January.

Stallet – Världens Musik
Stallet are now releasing tickets for their autumn gigs, and there is plenty to choose from. The venue is well known for its folk and world music, presented on a more intimate stage. This autumn you can catch Jeanett and Peter playing their own inimitable brand of folk, with harmonious chorales and beautifully melodic songs. The Sada Trio are playing in October, as part of their jazz festival. The trio play traditional oriental music on authentic instruments, but with their own unique style. If you love a sea shanty, Quilty is also playing in October – there will be plenty of songs and ballads about adventures on the high seas.

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Great Places To Catch A Gig In Stockholm This Autumn
Many popular artists perform at Nalen. Photo: Nalen

Rock and pop at Nalen
Nalen has an eclectic program of events this autumn. You can check out Slowgold, who are touring following the release of the sixth album. Their previous album Mörkare won a Grammy. Petra Marklund, one of Sweden’s most beloved artists, is also playing. Her latest album, Stamps, features her unique blend of folk soul that is haunting and melodic.

Stockholm’s music scene is definitely alive and thriving. There are plenty of places where you can catch some live music this autumn, from intimate gigs to stadium rock concerts – in Stockholm there is something for everyone.

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Great Places To Catch A Gig In Stockholm This Autumn
Karoline Gore

Great Places To Catch A Gig In Stockholm This Autumn, written exclusively for Daily Scandinavian by Karoline Gore. Karoline is a freelance writer from Stoke on Trent in the UK who left the corporate grind when she started a family and has never looked back. She enjoys contributing to a range of online publications on the topics that are important to her.

Feature image (on top): Jay Jay at Nalen. Photo: Nalen

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