Your Guide to Rural Pearls in Norway


Rural tourism, local food culture, nature, history, cultural landscape – all this and more helps to create an unique experience.

The 450 companies being a part of the chain Hanen (The Rooster/The Cock), offer visitors activities and services, all of which use nature and cultural experiences as a starting point based on the local village and farm’s resources. You will for certain find a lot of rural pearls in Norway with their assistance.

240614_Hanen_The_Rooster_The_CockThese companies communicate culture through history and special characteristics. They demonstrate responsibility for nature and the environment, and they provide experiences that impact all our senses.

Please note that the various offers and servicse may vary from company to company, and therefore we encourage you to contact the places you want to visit in advance regarding their opening hours, overnight accommodation and food services.

You can find further details about HANEN and its members here.

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All Photos: Hanen