Guided Tours in Scandinavia

Guided Tours in Scandinavia

The family run business Our Way Tours understand the importance of relationships. When the company was founded in 2011, the entrepreneurs asked themselves, ‘what do we love about our travel experiences that help us really feel at home?’ The company’s guided tours in Scandinavia have become immensely popular.

The office staff as well as the guides are like-minded in the philosophy of bringing their love and enthusiasm to the place they call home. All guests get an enthusiastic local who knows the terrain, the fun facts and the amusing anecdotes; stories that shape the capitals of Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm so that people get to fully appreciate their destination.

Denmark may look relatively small on the map – yet its capital of Copenhagen is an excellent expression of this nation’s huge impact on the world, deservingly attracting much attention and many visitors each year. Once a historical superpower it remains a world-leader in many areas; most significantly in the quality of life of its citizens. With OURWAY Tours you’ll get a slice of this welcoming sense of wellbeing that awaits all in Copenhagen.

You may have heard the word ‘hygge’ – it means ‘cosy’ and is often used to describe the capital and national philosophy. Whilst sometimes difficult to define, with it being a feeling more than something you can touch, the conditions in the city help cultivate such ‘hygge’ moments. Perhaps you’d like to join local Copenhageners who combine the pleasant surroundings of the capital with the joy of cruising on their bikes in the often-named ‘city of cyclists’.

Feeling a little more stationary?; the cafe culture here demands a stop for a coffee and something sweet (there’s a reason they call it a Danish!) With quirky spots to rest in amidst sightseeing, whether alone or in good company, ‘hygge’ is the vibe you’re very likely to experience again and again during your trip.

This flow of good-feeling is undoubtedly influenced by the watery landscape of Copenhagen. It’s pleasant waterways not only soothe the soul but have welcomed a diverse amount of trade and travellers over the years – ever since its founding in 1167. Amongst the amazing mix of renaissance and modern architecture adorning the canals and bodies of water is a recognisably regal flavour. With the country’s monarchy being the ruler of both Sweden and Norway during its history, Copenhagen became a key part of the powerhouse of Denmark that dominated much of Scandinavia through the ages.

Over time, bridges have been built between powers in the Nordics; Norway’s royal lineage being from Danish descent as well as many other beneficial ties to Denmark prevalent throughout Europe! Yet Copenhagen could still be called the Queen of our destinations – or at least the much-loved big sister of the OURWAY Tours family that you’ll be keen to get to know over a coffee!

Guided Tours in Scandinavia
Biking at Aker Brygge, Oslo. Photo: Rod Costa/Visit Oslo

Whilst Oslo could be considered the smaller sibling of OURWAY Tours’ Scandinavian cities, it more than holds its own identity within the company’s family of fantastic destinations. This compact city has had a complex past, with Norway having only become fully independent in 1905 – both Denmark and Sweden have had their share of power over the centuries! Whilst proudly patriotic as the nation’s capital, Oslo is a hugely welcoming city for visitors and enjoys a diverse population with many sides to its character.

Whether you get here by water or another way, the fjord is hard to miss … lucky for you! Its beautiful blue waters to the south complement the rising hillsides of the forest surrounding Oslo. Thanks to the Fjord City Project of the last few decades, easy access to the fjord and an enjoyable atmosphere around the water is of huge priority for the people of Oslo. For visitors and locals, wherever you find yourself, you’re close to the calming nature of the water and woods.

It’s easy to understand why the city was awarded the European Green Capital in 2019…and not just for its terrain! The conservation of its clean air and streets with its advanced infrastructure – including mostly-electric transport system – has made Oslo an inspirational illustration of a modern 21st Century city. This balances well with the preservation of its past, beginning with the unearthed Norse burial ships at home in the Viking Ship Museum. Its resilient history also proudly boasts the Nobel-Peace-Prize-giving City Hall, an enviously socially-democratic attitude reflected in its Parliament whilst boasting a much-loved Royal Family who looks adoringly over the capital from their Palace.

With nature and important national treasures to boast about, Oslo is still far from being trapped in tradition. From the iceberg cool architecture of the Opera House and beautiful street art, the modern eclectic expression is available for all to see. Oslo has hipster micro-breweries, a diverse music scene and a strong thirst for challenging theatre – inspired in the home of the ‘scandalous’ genius of playwright Henrik Ibsen. These traditional and modern marvels that make up the many sides of Oslo await you – let OURWAY Tours be your guide to the really good stuff!

Guided Tours in Scandinavia
On two wheels in Stockholm. Photo:

Stockholm is home to OURWAY Tours … and whoever you are you’ll discover that ‘welcome home’ vibe too. OURWAY Tours is not making any assumptions about what you like or what you are like – simply put, Stockholm is so well-balanced in all areas of lifestyle, culture and it’s geography that it’s easy to fall in love with (and in) Sweden’s inclusive capital.

Like being by the water? Prefer grand green spaces? Or perhaps being surrounded by beautifully modern and handsomely historic architecture is more your thing? Stockholm has it all!

Stockholm’s nickname of ‘Venice of the North’ is no exaggeration – the canals and picturesque waterways are a delight to the eye and ear; the lapping water soundscape complementing the views across the 57 bridges connecting the 14 islands of the city. In warmer months, taking a dip in whatever body of water takes your fancy is possible; from the freshwater of Lake Mälaren to the salty Baltic, you’re sure to discover a place to make a splash.

Whilst the water winds through the city, green nature is in abundance with gorgeous spaces flourishing making up over 30% of the city; most of which being woods and forests. No wonder Stockholm’s beauty and air quality helped it to be awarded the European Green Capital Award in 2010!

With so much green and blue, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re not in a city at all. Yet, Stockholm’s streets are a wonder in themselves. The city has been spared from modern warfare which has produced a clean, well-kept and distinctive city to roam around. Yet its medieval past is visible when you look in the right places (we can show you if you like… it’s kind of part of our job!) whilst diversity and innovation have always lived in Stockholm’s streets.

Founded in the 1200s and once a key trading hub, Stockholm has been shaped and influenced by fashionable trends and in itself has been a trend-setter in design, proudly embracing all types of artists. It also inspires in its sense of industry, with Stockholm being a thriving business centre; from start-ups to scale-ups all the way through to established international companies covering many different sectors (the Swedes are not just about affordable furniture!)

As said before, whoever you are you’ll find a home in Stockholm – and we can’t wait to give you the ‘house tour’.

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