Hafjell Bike Park in Lillehammer, Norway

Hafjell Bike Park in Lillehammer, Norway

When Hafjell was awarded the World Cup final in downhill biking in 2012, it was confirmation of what many visitors had claimed for many years – that the facility is on par with the very best in the world. Hafjell is often compared to what is considered to be the world’s best place for mountain biking – the alpine resort of Whistler in Canada. Whistler is considerably larger, but with the same focus on man-made trails and obstacles. Learn more about Hafjell Bike Park in Lillehammer, Norway.

Hafjell Bike Park is known for its nice atmosphere and the variety of amazing trails suiting every kind of rider. Regardless if you are a freerider, racehead, weekend warrior or a curios beginner, you will find what your biking heart desires here. Hafjell offers 14 trails, covering 25 km in total, with a level of difficulty ranging from green to black spread over an elevation of 790 meters. It is one of the most progressive bike parks in Europe and keeps expanding at a high pace to keep the position as an ultimate mountain bike playground. Common for the trails in Hafjell Bike Park is that they never fail to deliver some massive grins.

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Hafjell Bike Park is the biggest lift-accessed bike park in Norway. The concept is to use the ski lifts for transport up, and then cycle down the slopes in the same way as when skiing or snowboarding in the winter. The 19 specially built trails wind down the forest that surrounds the alpine slopes, and have a lot of fun elements adapted to all skill levels.

Mountain Bike UK reported that Hafjell Bike Park was “one of the best places in the world to roll your wheels”.

Hafjell Bike Park in Lillehammer, Norway
Hafjell Bike Park is known for its nice atmosphere and the variety of amazing trails suiting every kind of rider.

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Hafjell Bike Park is a hectic place during the summer and have been hosting a wide range of events through the years such as several Norwegian cup`s, 2 Norwegian Championships, Nordic and Scandinavian Championships, 2010 European Championship, the legendary ANTI Days of Thunder invitational events. In 2012, the Rocky Roads UCI Mountain Bike Downhill world cup presented by Shimano made its first appearance here in Hafjell. This event was a huge success and has given Hafjell Bike Park the opportunity to do world cup in 2013 and the UCI MTB World Championship in 2014.

The downhill trails are ranked from green to black, where green is the easiest, and black is for the more experienced cyclists. It’s recommended to use a downhill bike, full protection and full helmet, but all mountain bikes with suspension and good hydraulic disc brakes can be used on the trails. Children should be 8 years old to cycle downhill. The youngest children can instead bike in the pumptrack, walk our diamond hunt circuit and play in the climbing park at Mosetertoppen.

Downhill bikes were mass produced from the 1990s, with disc brakes and specially adapted frame design and damper suspension systems. The first downhill competition was held in California in 1976.

As well as offering some of the best downhill riding around, there is also an endless network of flowing single track and gravel roads to explore in the surrounding area.  The gondola gives you access to all this as well as the family area at Mosetertoppen. Here you will find a variety of activities and the chance to enjoy a delicious lunch with spectacular views from restaurant Skavlen.

Hafjell Bike Park in Lillehammer, Norway
Hafjell Bike Park is the biggest lift-accessed bike park in Norway.

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Some Hafjell bike facts

  • 17 DH Trails, easy to expert • Gondola and Chairlift

  • 25 km of downhill adrenaline

  • 100 Downhill rental bikes • 20 XC rental bikes

  • Endless Singletrack and XC trails

  • Workshop servicing all major brands

  • Host for the 2010 European Championship

  • Home of “Anti Days Of Thunder”

  • Host of the 2012 UCI MTB DH World Cup Finals

  • Host of the 2013 UCI MTB World Cup #5, September 12 – 15th

  • Host of the 2014 UCI MTB World Championship

The completion of the massive Rollercoaster trail, building it all the way up to the top of the chairlift, giving it a total of 50 jumps.

Hafjell Bike Park in Lillehammer, Norway compiled by Tor Kjolberg

All images © Hafjell Bike Park, except feature image (on top) showing Rémy Métailler in Hafjell © Pinkbike

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