Hard Core Fishing and Champagne in Norway

Hard Core Fishing and Champagne in Norway

Fishing and champagne? Yes, at Vassdalsvik Sea Lodge in Northern Norway you’re invited to enjoy fishing combined with “la dolce vita”.

Helén Lindqvist from Vassdalsvik Sea Lodge and Silje Raymondsdatter from Saltstraumen Hotel collaborate on fulfilling the fisherman’s dream and at the same time, aiming to give the fisherman’s girlfriend an experience to remember,  from the spa in Saltstraumen to yoga at the pier in Vassdalsvik.

Hard Core Fishing and Champagne in Norway
Kayaking at Vassdalsvik

“We welcome guests on a vacation focusing on fishermen and their partners. We wish that those who are left on shore when the fishermen are hunting big fish also have a memorable time. That’s why we have put together a comprehensive offer, including fine dining experiences, two overnight stays at the old fishing village Vassdalsvik and two overnight stays in Saltstraumen, close to the world’s strongest tidal flow,” says Silje and Helén.

“We have selected a bunch of good activities, focusing on adrenaline rush as well as relaxing. With your gear and accessories from Globo Surf, you can for example sea kayak in Arctic waters or snorkel in Saltstraumen and relax and recreate with champagne, combined with midnight sun baths in the sea,” they add.

Hard Core Fishing and Champagne in Norway
From Vassdalsvik

A famous Norwegian proverb says “Dead fish swim with the stream”. “We do the exactly opposite,” says Silje and adds, “We think it’s time for a different quality product in an already large market.”

Hard Core Fishing and Champagne in Norway
Yoga at Vassdalsvik

Whether you want to experience the “Zen by the sea” or an adrenaline-filled adventure, Vassdalsvik Sea Lodge will be the right place. There you’ll find a personal and very comfortable atmosphere between majestic mountains and beautiful fjords and enjoy Helen’s gorgeous homemade food.

Hard Core Fishing and Champagne in Norway
Saltstraumen hotel

Memories are made at Saltstraumen Hotel, far from the hectic city life. There you will find both tranquility and memorable experiences.

Hard Core Fishing and Champagne in Norway
Seagulls at Vassdalsvik

Also the German emperor Wilhelm II was very enthusiastic about Norway and Norwegian nature, and the period before the First World War he traveled every summer to Saltstraumen – right outside the city of Bodø.

Hard Core Fishing and Champagne in Norway, written by Tor Kjolberg

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