Heavy Retro in Stockholm


Stockholm is described as relaxed, cool and hip, and offers visitors a full range of creative shops, restaurants and vintage stores. But why not start your exploration at Nordiska Museet and the exhibition Heavy Retro, open through 4 September 2016?

There you can experience distinct trends right now, but also rustic furniture from the 18th and 19th centuries. The main characters in the exhibition are grandfather clocks, cabinets, boxes and chests. Over 50 selected status objects that were once somebody’s pride and joy, and are now part of the museum’s collections.

Inspired by the objects at the museum, you should start exploring the Stockholm neighborhoods and be surprised to find a playful street fashion scene unfolding. The Swedes are surprisingly enamored of 1950s American Rockabilly and fashions that echo the rootsy blues of Johnny Cash, Elvis and Carl Perkins.

The best place to search for this reborn retro trend is actually in the Södermalm district, often called “SoFo” in guidebooks. The locals, however, call it “Söder”, and is the area haunted by the fictional punk hacker Lisbet Salander in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

Brannkyrkagatan, Södermalm, Stockholm
Brannkyrkagatan, Södermalm, Stockholm

Be sure to visit the underground shop Sivletto. It’s filled with rod magazines, poodle shirts and fedoras. Retro magazines like Tiki Magazine ad makeup guides for Rockabilly hair and grooming.  The in-house hairdresser will even create extravagant cuts for both men and women – if you dare.

Since DJs are spinning Bill Haley and Jerry Lee Lewis on Saturdays, the hours can easily slip away, and there are more to explore in this exciting district.

At Pet Sounds Bar, a cellar cavern named for the Beach Boys LP, the menu is heavy on burgers and fries and cocktails have names like Barbara Ann and other hits.

Across the street you find Pet Sound Records, where music geeks cam find the latest under-the-radar music trends.

Cocktail is a shop jammed with Japanese robot toys, TV dinner trays and Elvis assecories. Look for the pink bicycle outside.

Not far away you find the food store Cajsa Warg, named after the 18th-century woman believed to be the first female cookbook author. The products here are displayed farm stand style.


The standout fashion stores in Södermalm is Grandpa and Beyond Retro. Grandpa opened in 2003 and decline strong brands Beyond Retro began in 2002 as a single retail store in East London. Today it is one of the leading vintage retailer across the UK and Sweden, stocked with an eclectic range of vintage sourced from around the globe.

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