High Mountain Biking in Northern Norway


Experience the beautiful surroundings in Narvik. The city is located by the emerald-colored Ofot fjord, where vessels ship iron ore all over the world. The fjord is surrounded by rugged mountain peaks and forested hills. From the mountain above the city you can see all the way to Lofoten, and in the mountains there are endless opportunities for mountain biking.

Narvik is located on the 68th parallel, 200km north of the Arctic Circle in northern Norway.  You can fly to Evenes Airport from Oslo, Trondheim, Bodø or Tromsø. From there It’s one hour’s transfer to Narvik.

High Mountain Biking in Northern Norway
Downhill biking in Narvik

The terrain here is very mountainous and hilly, and the landscape is breathtaking. Biking here is one of the world’s most fantastic, yet untouched freeriding spots. However, the views often come after several hours of hard cycling.

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During the cold winter months this place is dark, but during the summer months the sun never sets. Accordin to Sture Petterson, a resident of Narvik and editor of Singletracknarvik.com, most of the area is rideable from mid/late June except some of the highest altitudes like Låktatjåkko Fjällstation (1228 m) and Reinnesfjellet (804 m). All tours are within a range of one hour driving from the town.

High Mountain Biking in Northern Norway
Brage Vestavik getting some air in Narvik, Norway (Red Bull)

On a sunny day this place is as close as you will ever come to paradise. Bjørn Forselv has written several books on hiking and biking in the Narvik area, but unfortunately, the books have not yet been translated into English. For many years Narvik has been a well-known ski resort, but few people know the area as a bike destination. On Singletrack Narvik you will find links to pictures and descriptions of several freeride trips below.

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High Mountain Biking in Northern Norway
HMB is served by a gondola lift in Narvik

The bike scene in Narvik was established already in 1997, when  enthusiastic locals hand-built the long, steep downhill track from the top of Fagernesfjellet. It is served by a gondola lift and gives 700m of vertical drop. In the summer months the gondola lift runs until 8pm, as the sun does not set until very late.

Most of the trails in the Narvik area require a certain amount of off-road riding experience, but many of the rides are not that technically demanding.

Here are some ride suggestions.

Bike rentals are not available in town so if you’re coming to Narvik to ride, you´ll need to bring your own bike.

High Mountain Biking in Northern Norway, written by Tor Kjolberg