Hike Your Way Through Historical Routes in Norway


There are 11 historical hiking routes in Norway. One of the most popular is the one along magic Jotunheimen National Park. Stay at different cabins, explore the mountain area and learn about the pioneers in Norwegian mountaineering history. Hike your way through historical routes in Norway.

The trails along the Jotunheimen National Park were among the first in Norway and is a truly authentic mountain hiking experience. If you decide to hike in Jotunheimen we recommend that you spend at least three days and stay two or three nights in the generously equipped cabins supported by DNT (Norwegian Trekking Association). You can hike from cabin to cabin and enjoy breathtaking views.

Hike Your Way Through Historical Routes in Norway
Jotunheimen map

The Norwegian Trekking Association
The Norwegian Trekking Association was formed more than 150 years ago and the two lakes Gjende and Bygdin were the important gateways into the remote parts of Jotunheimen. The first cabin was built at Tyin in 1870.

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A good starting point is the historical cabin at Gjendesheim. Buses to Gjendesheim run from Oslo between late June and late September and take 5-6 hours. Take the trip the day before and spend the night at the Gjendesheim cabin so you can start hiking the next morning.

Hike Your Way Through Historical Routes in Norway
Gjendesheim cabin

The impressive Besseggen Ridge
From Gjendesheim hike westwards above the Gjende Lake and along the impressive Besseggen Ridge to Mermurubu. This route is located in the heart of Jotunheimen National Park and is one of the world’s most famous hikes, rooted in the history of Norwegian mountain life and outdoor culture. Besseggen Ridge has even been written into literary history by the famous Norwegian author, Henrik Ibsen, who detailed the spectacular ridge in his known piece, Peer Gynt, set to music by Edvard Grieg.

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Hike Your Way Through Historical Routes in Norway
Jotunheimen National Park

From Mermurubu continue west to Gjendesbu, where the trail heads south through the Svartdalen valley to Torpfinnsbu on the shore of the Bygdin Lake. You will experience a steady climb up to the Mermurutunga plateau and will hike among a variety of beautiful trout-filled lakes – a great place to catch your lunch.

Well-marked trails
Finally, follow the lake to Eidsbugarden. Million of hikers have enjoyed the trails and peaks in this area, for recreation as well as adventures.

Hike Your Way Through Historical Routes in Norway
Eidsbugarden hotel

Every stage allows you to follow in the footsteps of some of the most historic pioneers and artists in the Norwegian mountain history. The trails are very popular and well-marked with large elevation changes along the way.

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The route is best hiked from July to September and is easy to access by public transport. Boats are available to transport heavy backpacks and travelers looking to break up the hike.

Hike Your Way Through Historical Routes in Norway, written by Tor Kjolberg