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Top 9 Hostels in Scandinavia for Backpackers and Students

Scandinavia is ideally among the most idyllic places in the world. Boasting fantastic mountains, beautiful coastline, jaw-dropping fjords, postcard-worthy farmland, super-efficient cities, and sociable...



Scandinavian Monthly is Getting Attention

We absolutely love when people love our content so we were beyond honored to be awarded the 2021 Global Choice Award as the most...
Norway's New Oil?

Norway’s New Oil?

New Norwegian Airline

New Norwegian Airline

E-commerce in Scandinavia

E-commerce in Scandinavia


How I found Daily Scandinavian (And My love with SCANDINAVIAN monthly)

 As a person who cannot travel without not knowing a lot of information about the people, culture, and the underrated spots for destination places,...

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Friends of an Artist

The title of this portrait of the Norwegian sculptor Anne Berit Nedland refers to her lifelong love for cats. She has sculpted cats in...
The 14 Islands of the Swedish Capital

The 14 Islands of the Swedish Capital

Stockholm is built on a total of 14 islands. Each of these has its own uniqueness, its own routines and manners. Södermalm, the old...

Danish Living in London

Building on the success from last year, the Trade Council of Denmark is co-financing a joint stand at the 2019 London Design Fair, located...

The Swedish Nightingale

The Swedish opera singer Jenny Lind was born in Stockholm on 6 October 1820. When she was nine, Lind was overheard singing by the...


Scandinavian Celeriac

Celeriac has been known in Scandinavia for centuries, but has been used sparingly, mostly as a flavoring for soups and stews. The root is...
A Cabbage Called Swede

A Cabbage Called Swede

Scandinavian Potatoes