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Top 9 Hostels in Scandinavia for Backpackers and Students

Scandinavia is ideally among the most idyllic places in the world. Boasting fantastic mountains, beautiful coastline, jaw-dropping fjords, postcard-worthy farmland, super-efficient cities, and sociable...



9 Richest Scandinavians and Their Businesses

Scandinavia does not have as many billionaires as many other European countries. The region has 57 billionaires, with Sweden and Norway accounting for 31...


How I found Daily Scandinavian (And My love with SCANDINAVIAN monthly)

 As a person who cannot travel without not knowing a lot of information about the people, culture, and the underrated spots for destination places,...

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Exporting Norwegian Architecture

Exporting Norwegian Architecture

10 million NOK (USD 1.2 mill) will be used to help Norwegian architects to gain a foothold abroad. The initiative is led by Innovation...
The Stinky Swedish Fish Dish

The Stinky Swedish Fish Dish

The fermented Baltic herring, known as surströmming, is so pungent it should be opened outdoors. Three days after you’ve opened a can of surströmming,...

Oktoberfest in Scandinavia

The Oktoberfest events in Scandinavia are very popular, and not only among local beer lovers! A Scandinavian Octoberfest is a great way to celebrate...

Online Live Casino

Evolution Gaming, the world leader in video-streamed Live Dealer gaming, launched last month another world first - a unique new online Live Casino for...


Tarragon in Scandinavia

Tarragon has to be one of the great culinary herbs though people who grow Russian tarragon never understand the love that growers of the...
Scandinavian dill

Scandinavian Dill