How to Apply for a Swedish Work Visa

How to Apply for a Swedish Work Visa

Applying for a Swedish work visa has its caveats, as any bureaucratic procedure would do. It is not overly complicated, but it is always better to arm yourself with knowledge in order not to get lost along the way. Let’s go over the requirements and rules you need to follow if you strive to live and make a career in Sweden. Here’s how to apply for a Swedish work visa.

The First Thing to Consider
Before you begin any preparation, you should know this – citizens of the European Union and European Economic Area apply on slightly different conditions than others. EU/EEA citizens already have the right to be present in Sweden while still seeking employment, they have only to register with the Swedish Tax Agency. Everyone else must already have a job offer to obtain a work permit and enter the country. You can learn more about this from a Sweden Abroad article.

How to Apply for a Swedish Work Visa
Everyone can go to work in Sweden, but you may face different hurdles, depending on where you come from.

The Basic Requirements

Before applying, you have to prepare a stack of documents:

  1. A purpose description. It must include the reason for your visit, precise location (e.g. name of a city), visit duration, and source of material support. You should also state your intention to leave once your job contract ends.
  2. A job offer. It must include health and life insurance, and social security. And the terms must match Swedish collective agreements or the occupation’s standard.
  3. A source of income. The best one is a monthly salary of at least 13,000 SEK before taxes.
  4. Proof of accommodation. It’s your responsibility to find a roof over your head for the duration of your stay.
  5. A valid passport.
  6. ID photos. If you have none at hand, you can make photos that fit the requirements with this ID photo maker.

Note that the embassy might require some other documents on top of these.

The Application Process

If you wish to apply for a Swedish working visa in person, you can do it in a consulate or embassy of Sweden or another Schengen country, that officially represents Sweden. If Sweden has no presence in your country whatsoever, you have to apply from another country. But an online application for a work visa in Sweden is also available. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Receive a Job Offer

Your employer-to-be from Sweden must provide a written job offer, that also includes the employment duration and approval from a relevant trade union.

How to Apply for a Swedish Work Visa
Remember, you are looking for the job, not the other way around
  1. Submit Personal Data

Once you receive and accept your offer, your employer will have to begin the online application process in the Swedish Migration Agency for you. Then you will have to provide your birthdate, citizenship info, education, and email. Then you will receive a letter, in response to which you’ll have to state whether you are moving alone or with family.

  1. Provide the Documents

You will require copies of the following set of documents: a passport, a written job offer, and a trade union statement. So, make sure you have them prepared.

  1. Pay the Fee

You should pay for a work permit. The price may vary depending on your profession or other occupation, but on average it is around 2 000 Swedish kronor.

  1. Wait for a While

Processing your application and issuing a work visa in Sweden normally takes from one to three months. The waiting time depends on the method of application (online or in person), the industry you are going to work for, and your status as a company worker or a self-employed person.

This is how you apply for a working visa. However, if your goal is education, then you are in quite a different situation and should learn more about an internship in Sweden.

How to Apply for a Swedish Work Visa
One more thing – Sweden is cold, so grab some warm clothes

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Stay Focused

Bureaucratic procedures are annoying for most people, but they go hand in hand with traveling and migration. And a single mistake or a lost document can turn a trivial affair into a headache. So, stay focused through the whole process and just remember why it is worth it for you.

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