How to Pack for a Trip to Norway on a Budget

How to Pack for a Trip to Norway on a Budget

Norway is an incredible country to visit, but because of the constant weather changes, you need to spend time carefully considering how you will pack for your trip. The weather can change in an instant, one minute it is sunny and warm and the next you find yourself surrounded by heavy snow. Most Norwegians are really warm and friendly people, and most of them can speak perfect English. Learn how to pack for a trip to Nprway on a budget.

Although a lot of people opt to skip Norway while travelling through Europe because it is known to be one of the most expensive countries in the world, it is possible to travel through Norway on a budget. You won’t be able to stay in fancy hotels or eat out in nice restaurants but there are ways you can move through Norway without having a large sum of money sitting in your bank account.

How to Pack for a Trip to Norway on a Budget?
Wet socks in Utlandsdalen

How to Pack for Hiking in Norway
There are plenty of places throughout the country ideal for hiking. If you are going hiking in the fjords, make sure you are prepared. Make sure you bring lots of warm layers and plenty of rain gear too. The issue that a lot of people find when hiking in Norway is that they need to carry a large backpack to store all the different layers. For a lot of these hiking trails, you will want to be an experienced hiker, with a lot of upper body strength to carry heavy baggage. A lot of people avoid packing extra layers to make their bag lighter, but they often regret it once they are hiking. If you are not used to extremely cold conditions, perhaps hiking in Norway is not for you.

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Make sure you have plenty of spare socks. Even with high-quality hiking boots, your socks are bound to get damp. Having a spare pair of clean socks can help make your overall experience more enjoyable.

A lot of trail maps can cost a lot of cash in stores in Norway, so instead of spending money, there are plenty of free trail maps available to download. However, if you plan on using a smart device while hiking, make sure it is fully charged. It might be worth your while investing in a portable power bank. These handy devices allow you to charge your devices on the go, which makes them an ideal purchase for those travelling through Norway. These chargers are so popular there are lots of affordable devices on the market.

How to Pack for a Trip to Norway on a Budget?
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How to Organize items before you get to Norway?
As mentioned earlier, Norway is one of the most expensive countries on the planet, so if you are on a budget, do your shopping somewhere else first. If you lose some of your items, you might be forced to spend an outrageous amount of cash replacing them, so consider labelling your items first. There are companies like the shop that allow you to make your custom labels. Not only will it add style to your belongings, but it will also lower the chances of getting items mixed up with other people’s belongings. You can put labels on anything, such as electrical devices, backpacks, sleeping bags and even add a quilt label.

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Because you will need to pack a lot of gear, make sure that you roll all clothing items up, so they don’t take up a lot of space in your bags. Before you get on a flight, if you feel your big hiking boots are taking up too much space, why not wear them before checking in your luggage. Although you’ll need boots to hike, they can cause a lot of frustration when packing for your trip. So instead of stuffing them in your bag, put smaller trainers inside instead and wear the hiking boots while commuting.

How to Pack for a Trip to Norway on a Budget?
From Utladalen

What should Women Pack before Going to Norway?
Here is a checklist that will help women pack before setting off for Norway:

  • Good quality waterproof jacket: Most hiking jackets on the market are waterproof. However, if you are looking to buy a new jacket, consider checking out reviews online first. You can save money on a lot of items, but investing in a quilty rain jacket, especially before a trip to Norway will prove worthwhile.
  • Thick gloves: To keep your fingers warm, a pair of thick, woolly gloves will do the trick.
  • Dresses: There are plenty of incredible places throughout the country that will make for an ideal photo opportunity, so don’t forget to pack at least one dress.
  • Waterproof Pants: If you find yourself hiking through the fjords in heavy rain, you might have wished that you brought a pair of waterproof pants. If you have a light pair, you can wear them over other pants to keep you warm and dry.
  • Pyjamas: Even if you are not used to wearing pyjamas, you might want to start getting used to it. It can get very cold in Norway, especially during the night. Comfortable pyjamas will add much-needed warmth and pyjamas can help you get better quality sleep.
  • Swimwear: There are lots of great places where you can go for a nice swim in Norway.
  • Hat: Hats like beanies are ideal for cold conditions.
  • Women’s trail socks: These comfortable socks are perfect for hiking, running, or biking.

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If you have a friend or family member that is willing to lend you some of their belongings before the trip begins, examine each item thoroughly for damage first. You don’t want to get caught in a storm in Norway and then realize there’s a hole in your waterproof jacket.

How to Pack for a Trip to Norway on a Budget?
Packed lunch in Utladalen

What should Men Pack before Going to Norway?

Although a lot of items mentioned in the women’s checklist are the same for men, here are a few items that men should consider packing before jetting off to Norway.

  • Long underwear: A lot of men living in Norway wear long underwear to keep them warm, so you should consider doing the same thing.
  • Short-sleeved shirts: It’s not always cold in Norway, so pack multiple short-sleeved shirts. When it is cold, you can wear these shirts under your other clothes to keep you warm.
  • Pair of pants: Bring at least two pairs of pants.
  • Down jacket: A well-insulated down jacket with comfortable under feathers is a must for any man going to Norway. It will help keep you insulated in cold conditions.
  • Woolly socks and a warm hat: The best way to stay warm is by making sure your feet and head are covered. Woolly socks and a quality beanie will help keep you warm.

Although most of these items are readily available in stores in Norway, avoid spending top dollar on them by ordering them online before you start your trip.

How to Pack for a Trip to Norway on a Budget? Conclusion
Norway is a wonderful place to travel however it can cost a pretty penny. To save money on accommodation in Norway, there are a lot of hosts that offer their spare rooms, or even their couches to travellers for free. So, you won’t have to put your hand in your pocket to get a good night’s kip and you will also meet some local people in doing so. Don’t be afraid to talk with the locals in Norway because they are great, fun-loving folks.

How to Pack for a Trip to Norway on a Budget, written exclusively for Daily Scandinavian.

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