Huge Outdoor Waterpark and 500 New Summerhouses in Jutland by 2020?


Local authorities in Jutland, Denmark have proposed developing the largest waterpark in Northern
Europe. Sondervig Feriepark (Holiday Park) is estimated to cost approximately one billion kroner
(143 million dollars) and employ 1,000 workers by 2020.

The Danish Ministry of Environment must, however, approve the project as one of ten permitted to take place in western Jutland’s protected coastal zone.

Last year the government approved the initiative in an attempt to support rural communities, dependent on tourism. There are currently 3,000 people working within the tourism sector.

Mayor Iver Enevoldsen of Ringkobing-Skjerm believes the application for the outdoor waterpark and new summerhouses in Jutland will be approved since the
documentation is good and this is the only municipality in the region applying for such a project.

The Ministry of Environment claims on the other side that they have received applications for ten different projects from nine municipalities. The final decision will be taken before summer.

However, even today there is white sand as far as the eye can see. Three minutes’ walk from the city
center, you may experience the sand dunes and just beyond them the beach with plenty of space
and the sea. Walking along the small paths you can marvel at the beauty of nature.

The possibilities for biking are endless, or if you’re more the hiking type, why not pack a picnic basket
and enjoy the fresh sea air along the pedestrian paths. You decide the mileage, and the next
adventure is just around the corner.

From the holiday homes right along the dunes the sea can be clearly heard, so light a fire and enjoy
the indoor pleasures. It is therapy for the soul.

And don’t forget your binoculars. Sondervig offers bird adventures all year round. Each month
brings new birds to study.

Featrure image (on top): Winter-bath Festival