Important Shit in Copenhagen


Explore Denmark’s rich cultural heritage in a series of events at the Golden Days Festival, September 4 – 20.

What is cultural heritage? Whose is it and why is it important? In September, Golden Days puts the theme of cultural heritage on the agenda with the Festival of Important Shit.

An entire weekend dedicated to visitors and expats, Hello Heritage is a 3-day festival within the history and culture festival Golden Days. With more than 30 participating museums and cultural institutions, and more than 40 talks, concerts, city walks, guided tours and other events, Hello Heritage offers a unique insight into some of the highlights of Danish art, history, and culture. And best of all, all events are in English.

What is cultural heritage? This year’s Golden Days Festival (called ‘Festival of Important Shit’) emphasizes the fact that cultural heritage consists of both the precious objects exhibited in cultural institutions as well as the trinkets of everyday life – the ‘important shit’, so to speak – the personal things and objects that shape us and make us who we are.
More than 200 events – concerts, parties, performances, debates, city walks, and talks – take place in the period 4 – 20 September. You’ll have the opportunity to meet authors, journalists, actors, cartoonists, politicians, publishers, architects, musicians and singers, all representing Danish heritage in one way or another.

Under the heading “Hello Heritage” tourists are invited to explore Danish cultural heritage through exhibitions, lectures, walks, films and music and more. On one hand, the festival management presents the classical heritage that proudly are put on display in various tourist guides, and on the other hand you may experience parts of Danish heritage that often is overlooked – from the Sun Chariot at the National Museum to sunbathing at Assistens Cemetery, from iconic buildings and great symbols of power to Danish “hygge”, liver paté and playgrounds.

Painting by Peder Severin Kroyer
Painting by Peder Severin Kroyer

With more than 30 participating museums and cultural institutions, tourists and expats will be introduced to the highlights of Danish cultural heritage through a series of events over the course of a weekend – from the concept of ‘smørrebrød’, the traditional Danish open sandwich, to the world-renowned author Karen Blixen and satirist Storm P, among others.

Important Shit in Copenhagen, compiled by Tor Kjolberg