Improve Your Fishing With Swedish App

Improve Your Fishing With Swedish App

In 2010, the Swedish web architect Jens Persson got an idea: How about creating an app where the best fishing spots are plotted together with facts about what one can expect to get on the hook? A few years later, Fishnbrain has become a world sensation. Read more about how you can improve your fishing with the Swedish app.

The Fishbrain website claims that its app is the world’s No. 1 fishing app. Fishbrain can in fact help you catch more and bigger fish. Through the app’s combination of Catch Map and Fishing Forecast, you can bring your fishing up another notch. Today, Fishbrain has become an angling community with nearly ten million users globally. It is also an in-app marketplace which allows users to find and purchase the best fishing gear from some of the world’s most respected brands.

Improve Your Fishing With Swedish App
Fishbrain can in fact help you catch more and bigger fish.

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On the app, fishermen share their ups and downs from all the world’s waters and oceans as well as their innermost experiences: Not only where they can fish, but also how and in what direction it is most likely to get a catch – and at what times.

Tools and knowledge
So, Fishbrain provides the tools and knowledge to help anglers get better at fishing, how to find nearby fishing locations for their next trip and discover the best time to fish, and what bait to throw.

With 200 million people sport fishing around the world, Fishbrain is connecting anglers to make fishing dreams come true, today and tomorrow. The office people in Stockholm and the boat people out on the waters, make sure to talk a lot. That’s how it’s kept real. It’s more fun to brag about a catch with people who care about fishing. So far, more than 2 million fishing grounds worldwide have been plotted.

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Improve Your Fishing With Swedish App
The Fishbrain website claims that its app is the world’s No. 1 fishing app

Purchase with confidence
The Fishbrain store presents different categories, including Baits & Lures, Rods, Boat Accessories, Reels etc., from which users can easily find and purchase products they need for their next trip from over 80 of the leading brands, including Mustad, Aftco, Favorite Fishing, Googan Baits and Omnia Fishing, with more being added continually. Users can also search through brands’ dedicated pages, and read honest reviews left by anglers who have tried and tested equipment, meaning they can purchase with confidence.

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Improve Your Fishing With Swedish App
Photo: Stephen Momot/Unsplash

Fishing easier for everyone
Fishbrain CEO and co-founder Johan Attby comments: “Our aim has always been to make fishing easier for everyone, and to advance a sport fishing industry in desperate need of modernizing.  With the launch of the Fishbrain Shop we are simplifying the process of finding and buying fishing gear, which has until now been arduous and time-consuming.”

The Fishbrain Shop centralizes the whole experience, providing users with the best gear from some of the most popular brands out there, all accessible from the award-winning mobile app.

Improve Your Fishing With Swedish App, written by Tor Kjolberg


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