Indian Destination Marketing Company Looking to Scandinavia

Indian Destination Marketing Company Looking to Scandinavia

YS Hospitality and its sister company Establishing Brands are international destination and marketing consultancies, located in Gurgaon, India.  When the group wanted to expand into the Scandinavian market, it was a natural choice for them to contact Daily Scandinavian. The Indfian destination marketing company is looking to Scandinavia for outbound as well as inbound travelers.

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YS Hospitality is a reputed name in the Asian Market for Networking and business development offering creative solutions and implementation support at every stage.

Indian Destination Marketing Company Looking to Scandinavia
YS Hospitality is a reputed name in the Asian Market

What the company do
YS and its daughter company Establishing Brands do are helping tourism operators to develop better understanding of market trends and agent network. The ambitious strategies and campaigns planned by the company aim to make companies’ brands and identity more visible and bring in added business traffic from the Indian and the neighboring South Asian sub-continent.

In other words, the consultancy help companies all over the world to create a platform for themselves through innovative research and development.

Indian Destination Marketing Company Looking to Scandinavia
Looking for travelers from Asia? YS Hospitality is there to help you

The beginning
Ms. Duggal is a well-seasoned professional in the field of travel and trade for over two decades. She serves as the front figure of YS Hospitality and as such serves internationally recognized travel brands with her vast and diversified experience. Her marketing vision includes innovative ideas for product development aiming to generate more business. With a keen understanding of her clients’ business strategies and challenges combined with her innovation expertise, she gives partners the global perspective necessary in today’s destination marketing.

Interview with founder and director Ms Preeti Duggal
When Daily Scandinavian was approached by YS hospitality and realized the importance of the group’s work, we were of course curious. So curious that we contacted Ms. Duggal to find out more about how her companies can help overseas hospitality customers.

Indian Destination Marketing Company Looking to Scandinavia
Founcer and director of YS Hospitality, Ms. Preeti Duggal

Ms. Duggal, could you please tell us a little more about yourself and the work you do at YS Hospitality?
“We are providing solutions to our travel partners.  We work for travel companies based in different parts of the world and help them to develop business from the Indian Market.  So, our main idea at present is to develope business for travel companies based in Scandinavia which would like to have business from the Indian Market.

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We have a dedicated team of people working together and each one of them is in charge of specific profiles and as such taking an ownership in the business development of a specific destination.  Our IT and PR business development activities keep track of market trends which we share with each destination and advise them what is required to have a closer look on.”

Indian Destination Marketing Company Looking to Scandinavia
YS Hospitality serves internationally recognized travel brands with its vast and diversified experience

What are your visions for the company?
“YS aims to take up any challenges for any travel company based anywhere in the world.  We strive to build and develop business from the Indian, Asian or any other markets that our partners wish to develop.”

We notice that you have customers all over the world, from Australia to Europe. What is the process of working with a brand?
“We approach different DMCs (Destination Marketing Companies) and try to understand their needs if they are interested in the Indian market.  We act as their local contact in the Indian or the neighboring markets in which they want more business from. A dedicated team under my guidance then conducts market surveys and filter out the potential clients who wish to promote that specific destination.”

Indian Destination Marketing Company Looking to Scandinavia
The team at an Sri Lanka destination marketing event

Since you first got involved in the tourism industry, has your view on destination marketing changed?
“As a destination marketing company our focus is more on having a perspective on growing any given destination by identifying the marketing trends which are required for that particular destination.

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We study customer behaviors and find it very interesting and challenging to change strategies whenever a market indicates so.”

Indian Destination Marketing Company Looking to Scandinavia
Size comparison between India and Scandinavian countries

Based on your experience, what is the main challenges for destination marketing in today’s market? Although pivotal to the travel and tourism system, the destination is widely acknowledged to be one of the most difficult products to manage and market. 

“Over the coming decade, the challenges facing destination marketers are likely to be even greater with a whole host of issues likely to impact the future marketing of destinations.

We need to act as a strong unifying force that brings all component parts of the destination together to develop it further.”

Indian Destination Marketing Company Looking to Scandinavia
“We are providing solutions to our travel partners,” says Ms. Duggal

Do you have, and if so, noticed any differences in travelers’ behavior?
Yes, the travel industry has become heavily service intensive. Word-of-mouth is still a strong tool used by visitors to seek information about destinations.

There has been a shift and a comparative range regarding business and leisure travelers. To summarize, the preferences for business travelers are as follows: Location is key and so is the need to be constantly connected. Emphasize the necessity for all-inclusive amenities.

When it comes to leisure travelers, they are generally more price sensitive. Reviews and recommendations are important as well as information on packages and specials which requires extra on-site hotel facilities and other accommodation.”

 Can you tell us a little about brand initiatives you have taken this year?
“For us in YS Hospitality it is important to participate in various tradeshows, networking meetings, bulk emailing and launching promotional deals.”

Indian Destination Marketing Company Looking to Scandinavia
Let your customers experience the real Asia

Your mission statement is: “We market you the right way!” How can a customer in for instance Europe or Australia benefit from your services? What exactly do you do?
“We are basically a destination marketing and representation company which represents a few niche categories of international DMC’s: For Australia and Europe for instance, we are the persona of those DMC’s in India and their marketing partners. Our dedicated team works to initiate business from India or neighboring states to that destination – or you can say that DMC.”

How important is content marketing for your customers?
“Travel industry marketing isn’t just about posting images, snapshots and telling stories about having fun in the sun.

There are some significant challenges when it comes to successful storytelling in this field, not to mention plenty of competition.

With the content has started to grab customer’s attention the destination is in the process of being marketed, the content must be very refined.”

Indian Destination Marketing Company Looking to Scandinavia
Air India is considering to provide point-to-point connectivity to Scandinavian regions

What are some key learnings that you have had since you launched YS Hospitality?
“As we go into different destinations to market them, we learn that everyone has a different type of client base.  We have expertise to understand this and to initiate different tailor-made strategic marketing. For example, understanding the dynamics between agents working in Kenya and agents working in Europe is essential.

Indian Destination Marketing Company Looking to Scandinavia
The Indian market has enormous potential

So, it is a continuous search to find and identify different agent networks in different destination markets.

Not only this, as we get into international assignments we are developing networks not only in India but in different countries as well. So, it is always a new leaning at every step as we develop and penetrate markets for them.  We continuously understand that every given destination has a different type of client tiers.“

Thank you so much, Ms. Dugal

Indian Destination Marketing Company Looking to Scandinavia
An YS client

What customers say
Steve Galpin, Managing Director of CHR Travel in London says, “Preeti started to work for us in 2012 with the directive to expand our market awareness in India through sales and agent marketing. She has proved to be a great success for us and has worked hard to increase our business not only from India but also from other markets in Sri Lanka and Nepal. She has bought in many new clients and has proved tenacious in following up on quotations and closing business for us. We would not have achieved our current position within the South Asian market without her efforts. For anyone looking to expand their marketing efforts in India we would thoroughly recommend YS Hospitality as the best vehicle for greater success”

YS Hospitality & Establishing Brands
The consultancies prioritize the requirements of their clients and serve them by giving them the best each and every time. The trust of their clients is their most valuable asset. The clients are provided with trend forecasting, strategic planning, tourism policy and destination branding to help them realize the full potential of their destinations.